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Print that money and then give it to the treasury Although it's not backed by any real value whatsoever We're gonna do that while we're chasing products that don't exist because we're simultaneously going to pay people to not work to sit at home to not produce products People would need to buy with the money we just produced So Joe you want to produce money but not stuff Yes Yes I do Don't worry hunter will take care of it He will do his blowhole and he'll do a few paintings and people will buy the paintings and suck up the extra money with his blowhole art exhibit Maybe in between in between bong hits or whatever it may be and trips to China hunter a blowhole a few paintings it'll suck up the extra money so don't you worry about that And everybody was like because no one has any balls to stand up They were like okay Joe it sounds like a good idea Let's print money and then pay people to stay home and he was like I got another good idea Again this was during the first 5 minutes of his presidency when they gave him a vivor in or whatever to get awake when he wasn't wedding himself or whatever it may be And they said Joe I got another idea When we're done paying people not to work and imprinting money people to buy stuff that doesn't exist which will explode inflation How about this You know that thing we call the southern border Let's just pretend that doesn't exist and give a speech inviting everyone to come here and then when they come here we'll fly them around the United States and to into towns across the United States and pretend nothing happened And nobody will notice don't worry And Joe was like that's a great idea That's it Let's do that too Let's definitely do that too And then this little thing out of the way called the Fox drone where they had a drone up at the border and everybody saw like 50,000 people underneath the bridge and they were like wait who are these people Are they tourists Because there's an actual point of entry where you'd enter you know airports ports and regular border crossings And that under the bridge thing with the tens doesn't quite look like Joe was like no no that's it That's what we need to do So I want to thank Joe for those two things He is definitely I mean Jim can we get a thank you card to The White House please Okay you put that to take a picture That's when you put it Thank you We'll send it to the wedding Please do Jay when you and Mike please do that Thank you card I want a picture of it as well I'm serious So that's why it's on behalf of the damn bar Geno show Joe Biden Thank you very much So his inflation crisis his money printing crisis his open border thing and then he says I got another great idea too This is great He sit around a room A big thank you for this route last night And he says listen fellas I got another idea So you know we got these parents who you know did I get their kids in school and stuff Let's get the agano Merrick Garland The weakest stammering fool Can't even answer a damn question up on Capitol Hill Let's get this idiot Merrick Garland I got an idea Let's send the memo to the FBI Implying that parents who show up to schools demanding their kids get a proper education and not train to be racist Let's send a memo demanding or implying that they should be investigated as potential domestic terrorism Joe Biden's like yes damn it Why didn't I think of that get blowhole guy on the phone Where's blowhole guy Got hunter Can we put hunter on a conference call Hunter hold on hold on dad I'm sitting here with a blowhole painting Stand by hunter we got an idea We got a great idea We want to investigate parents who want their kids to get a good education as domestic terrorists Hunters like hit between bong hits He's like hold on I gotta finish this blowhole Okay I'm done with the blowhole painting Yeah oh dad That's an awesome idea Why don't we get Garland involved Son I beat you to it The AG's right here AG Merrick Garland what do you take Good idea sir Can I imagine this buffoon on the Supreme Court Can you imagine this clown So I want to thank Joe I hate to by the way you ever want to get under my skin Now I'll see people in public and they'll say this all the time Jim You added the weirdest audience every year all of the bad Thank you for your support Throughout this fight I will never forget that either The expression that drives me crazy more than any of these first and foremost I hate that I hate it It's up there with absolutely If you ever watch TV people say absolutely when they don't know what to say And if you say first and foremost I'm off the hit That's it I'm canceling you on the show I can't take it So first and foremost first and foremost I absolutely like to thank Joe Biden I'm sorry Yesterday's mask Yeah I know you're serious Joe Jim get that card ready I can send it to The White House You know just very nice Thank you from the Dan bongino show We'll take a picture We'll put a mic sign it to Sign it to okay And send it my way and we'll send it because I need you guys signature on But second another big thank you This is a huge thank you If it weren't for The Lincoln Project otherwise known as the Lenin project folks I don't know what would have happened in this election So I'm feeling grateful today because I've got such a great audience full of people You all are so fantastic It's been an honor and a privilege even just a few months I've been here and given that we got such great news yesterday I feel very refreshed But The Lincoln Project guys Reed Galen Rick Wilson aluminum hydronium techs are hydrochloric sky Some of you will get that joke Some of you won't Who's the other one Schmidt is Schmidt still in that group Steve Schmidt right It wasn't who's the other guy who signed up with them There was some kind of guy recently What would we do with it Now I'm not kidding Jim and I have you know Jim has been working diligently behind the scenes He'd been running best of the last couple days and stuff So Jim has been working but ghee the podcast producer And Joe and my wife can vouch for me here Jim you too I think because you probably heard some of the conversations being at the mic so he's live Did I not say.

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