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From komo's Brian Calvert. If it can happen to Genucel bynum while she's canvassing neighborhood. She's convinced it can happen. To anyone of color. I was on the second to last house and the police came up, and I was like, oh, no. The house, the Oregon state Representative had the police called on her. She believes because of the color of her skin as an African American, I am very sensitive to being accused without ever having talked to them. So she is sponsored a new law in Oregon. If you call nine one one because you'll see a person of color they had better, be committing a crime because if they're not, they can actually sue you for up to two hundred and fifty dollars. Critics like Republican Senator Alan Olsen says this may discourage some from reporting actual crimes in fear of retribution. Brian Calvert, KOMO news, Bellingham police are asking for help finding a man who pointed a gun at a woman near see home high school last month. He ordered her to follow him. She was able to get away. Police say the man had pockmarks on his cheeks and was dressed like a construction worker with a white hard hat, a canvas jacket and orange sweatshirts with reflective stripes, in work, boots. We have a police sketch of the suspect on our website. Komo news dot com recyclers in Oregon. Complain that Washingtonians are crossing the border to unfair. Collect cash deposits. More from komo's Corwin Hake. Oregon encourages recycling by collecting a ten cent deposit on every can of beer or soda sold, and on every bottle of water thrifty shoppers can return, those bottles and cans and get their deposit back in Washington shoppers, pay no deposit, but many are carrying their cans and bottles across the river to claim the refund. Anyway, it basically like Joel sheen with the Oregon beverage recycling cooperative, we don't know.

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