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I think they are the best defense. I know that LSU right now is rated as the best defense, but putting this way Baylor lost mark vital and davion Mitchell and got better defensively because Kendall Brown and Jeremy sohan and all of those guys came and allowed them to be more flexible. And I think that that speaks to the value of positional size defensively in length and athleticism. Like it is such an enormous benefit that Kendall Brown, like to me, that is the difference between what I would take Kendall Brown over Johnny Davis, like it's much harder to be 6 foot 5 and make a defensive impact. There needs to be 6 foot 8 and make a defensive impact like Kendall Brown kit. And that team, it's like a 40 minute shell drill of rotations, traps, force and fumes into bad situations. And for Kendall brand specifically, he is like so bad. He's like a shark. Like he always has to stay in motion, but he dies if he stops. He never stopped. If you watch him, like he's always moving. Offense defense file called whatever. It's like his feet are smooth and he's on the balls. And he's bouncing around he's trapped and he's running he's cutting through what I am concerned about and what we talked about here a little bit. In the context of a top ten pick is the offense. Yes, he's shooting 70% for the field. Like 71%. He's like second country, which is outrageous, but he doesn't look at the rim on the catch on many possessions. He doesn't try to create unless someone else is creating for him or he catches it versus things shifting defense. He's going to reverse the ball almost as soon as he touches it. Baylor runs that high dribble weave, and he's contentious weaving. Like he'll just weave all day. Like, oh, here we go. And then he'll wait and go back door is a great cutter and he'll catch and dunk it. So because of this, his points per possession and his field goal percentage is through the roof. I mean, there's picking your spots, and there's whatever he does. I tweeted this last week. He had his shot chart is legitimately everything in the paint. He's taken like ten three pointers. He has taken mid range jumper. So in terms of analytics, darlings, I don't know if that's still like the invoke thing. It seems like it changes by the minute sometimes with the NBA. I just for top 5 top 6 until that often gets there. I'm just slow to say he's there for me. He's probably top finished rain. I'm not saying he's 35th or anything like that. I love the tools. So when he brings a table, defensively, it's just, if I was like a contender, I'm trying to think of somebody who would like have a top 5 pick and just need like one connected piece. Good examples like Golden State. Golden State had the picks ahead last year. I would take it with that come and go pick like no problem. Perfect. Like just past a curry clay, pool, draymond, whatever, like, connect that play defense perfect. But for the teams that are there right now and I don't have in front of me, I'd want more of like a foundational offensive guy to get my team going. Yeah. I get that..

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