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Greg cosell and five minutes chris hanes sat down and with kevin durant long interview published yesterday. He'll be on the show today t._j. Cushman's on a final hour and jason mcintyre tomorrow's headlines today last ask segment of our show on thursday. I absolutely loved that so by the way before we get to christine forty-five minutes key sat down with kevin durant and kevin durant remember when kevin durant got hurt and then he came back in the finals. What was the first reaction by the n._b._a. Media the warriors fault. They pressured him. It's the doctors doctors. It's the training staff n._b._a. Media in my opinion hoddle's its players because stars run the league and none of the reporters wanna get ghosted by the top players so they suck up to them so in kevin durant got hurt even though he's a grown man on the immediate n._b._a. Media reaction is the warriors made him play doctors made him play in bad training staff and kevin durant yesterday dispelled all of that at non sense and came out and said hell. No the warriors pressured me in the getting back. Nobody ever said a word to me about rehab. When the series started. I targeted game five. Hell naw just happened. It's basketball man blank happens. Nobody was responsible for it so the entire narrative and that was the first reaction by the media that covers the n._b._a. Which is coddle baby. Protect the stars. This is why adam silver says our players are not happy. This is why therapists hell you don't over over complement your kid because when they face crisis in life they won't be able to handle it. Stop coddling the players. They're grown men. They love basketball. They wanna play basketball n._b._a. Media because they're behold into a handful of really popular stars their initial reaction to anything is caught. All kevin durant wanted to play. Wasn't anybody's fault volved. He wanted to play basketball because he's a basketball player and by the way the n._b._a. Media i bring on all the time i like him but what was just basically a nonsense..

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