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Okay. Fluctuating to be challenged. I'm going to challenge you. I don't know who you are. But i'm going to challenge you. I often talk my nor my bugbear is People who claim to be intellectual who have a philosophical bias against faith. It's wrong it's a philosophical bias. It is illogical but on the other side there are people in in the world of faith who have somehow in a knee jerk way adopted a bias against the things of the mind against the intellect. There are people christians. There almost nas ticks Who don't want to hear about reason they just wanna be kind of floating in the ether. as though faith and reason are opposed to each other. So tell us elijah stevens. You've made the film send prove. Why do you see that in the church. Anti-intellectualism i think that happened. During the great awakenings. It was not a part of the church until like people like finney came along and said look to reach the frontiers. We need to make this stuff. Simple emotional end. God use that but it stripped out the mind and so in the american wait wait wait so finney in the nineteenth century during the second great awakening right. He kind of emphasized. Let's keep it simple. Let's not go into the intellect because we're trying to reach the people on the frontier. I mean he actually made a strategic choice to do that. Yes and that kind of split. The church part where you have high intellectualism on one side and low focus on the power of spirit and then high focus on the power of the spirit and high emotionalism. And it's like there's this divide but that hasn't always been the case you go back right. After the apostles you see a group of apologised ride rise up there debunking. The gods in enroll writing letters to the emperor's. We still have those to this day. And so what what we need is to bring the intellectual and the supernatural back together so that we can talk about it intelligently. We don't make mistakes in mistake. Natural phenomena for supernatural ones and at the same time. We're able to articulate what god has done in a way that open minded people would be willing to accept. It's fascinating to me that people get these ideas about christianity or about anything but science. That are just bad ideas. They're wrong right and they run with it And it's almost like they've got these invisible enemies you have. There are people. I know who just they hate the intellectuals or the cultural elites to the point that they are just reacting against them rather than meeting them on the ground and showing them right where they're mistaken but we'll so. I came up with a theory when we were talking about. Materialists and if you say the only thing that exists is matter There is no such thing as anything. Transcendent any god then logically. I mean if you want to get serious then nothing matters. If there's only matter nothing matters in other words there's no love there's no good there's no evil but they never wanna go there. They act as though i can have those good things and have my scientific materialist naturalist view but logically. They can't right and this is where we see. The rise of existential ism from is win going. There's no god you go. We'll how do. I live my life in this world and what they're forced to is. Just you create your own values. And that's what we're seeing in western culture as we become post christian post truth is everyone is creating their own values and it's actually tearing down the structures and institutions that gave rise to the west and where we're losing our ability to pass onto the next generation truth white so explain. What is existential ism. Existential islam is. How do i live in light of reality. So there's christian existentialist like kicker guard who i have to live as being before god and then there's atheist one who go. There's no god. And i've just got to figure this out and they all end up talking about the greatest philosophical question is whether or not i commit suicide like it becomes really dark really fast. Most tension list. We think of as like the french. Existential yes khumbu sar tra-. Yeah now. now i'm going to blow your mind. I think i'm going to blow your mind. You ready for this life stevens. You ready ready ready. Ready in my new book is atheism dead. I show something that i know. Almost no one knows this. And i'm so excited. I could burst. Camus and sartre both french atheist existentialism. They're probably the most bold about looking into the abyss. There is no god. How can i live right. Both of them at the end of their lives came to faith in the god of scripture. Really you're shocked. Everybody should be shocked in my book. I give you the details. But i was shocked and what i thought to myself. How is it possible. I've never even heard of this right. Now camus died. I'm sorry shark died. Nineteen eighty or something like that and there was. There were some people who wrote bitterly. They were angry. They felt betrayed. That sort had come to some kind of eight but nobody knows the story of camus. It was written by. There was a minister in paris. Who literally didn't write about this. Until he was ninety. Two years old so he wrote about this maybe twenty years ago and nobody heard of it you know it was like way past the death of of camus camus died at age forty seven car crash but i find this stuff so exciting that the two people who looked most rigorously into the horror of there is no god came out on the other side saying this is not possible there has to be something and they both concluded yes can move. Wanted to be baptized Sort i believe was accepted into the church On his deathbed but even before that he wrote about it we'll be back talking about interesting stuff. Sent proved dot com folks. Eric metaxas here. Joe biden.

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