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David is up next as we continue on a Friday afternoon hello, David. Hello, David. Are you there? Hello. Yeah, go right ahead. You are on the you are on the air. How are you doing today? I hope you're doing great, brother. Thank you. I just wanted to kind of I got a couple of questions for you. And then a comment. If this weren't Alabama and one of the top teams in the country would already know these coverage that is getting. So you're basically saying if this had been. At some small school, would it be getting a lot of coverage, the answer is no. Of course not. Okay. And I'm seeing this a whole lot more, especially in instances where is someone who's out in the sports sports person movie star or whatever? We used to live in a country where it was innocent to proven guilty and now it seems like it's guilty to prove the news. Well, David, you know, I understand what you're saying, but what we're talking. Yeah, I mean, we're talking about somebody who was on the periphery of a capital crime. And he's not been charged so the presumption of innocence really isn't necessarily germane to him, but we don't you're right. We don't think like that anymore. I'm not sure we ever did, by the way. Right, right. And my last comment. Everybody's talking about the university should have done this. The university should have done that in any murder or any kind of crime investigation. If a policeman goes to a press conference and the media asked questions, then the response is, well, you know, it's an ongoing investigation. We can't respond to that. How do we know that the authorities didn't tell the university to do that? Well, we don't, we don't know any of that. And I don't think anybody's suggesting the university haven't talked about it. I think what we're suggesting is that the university took would take action upon learning the two of its players were involved with another one. Let's keep miles here was on the team that weekend. We act like he has nothing to do with the team. NATO has had on that Saturday morning, even though he was out for the season or injured. NATO said three players that were involved in this event somehow some way either by either directly or indirectly. We weren't asking the university to make a public dissertation. We were simply asking, what we're simply suggesting is that they looked into it immediately and usually when you look into something, you withhold the player until it's cleared up, then we would not be, I think, going down the road, we're going down right now. They wouldn't have had to say anything. Nobody ever talks about something like this publicly, but there are ways of getting around that. Hey, thank you for the call. Do appreciate it. Dustin is in Tulsa. You're on the air. Hey, Paul, how are you today, brother? Okay. Well, listen, you seem like you had kind of a rough week, so I'll change it up a little bit here. I actually need a little advice from you. Would you be willing to give me some advice for me kind of your years of experience and whatnot? Yeah, I think I'll give it my best shot, Justin. Go ahead. Okay. Well, as you know, I've been dating AJ sister. And Dustin, Dustin, you don't need to go any farther than that. Are you ready? Are you anywhere near the Tulsa airport right now? Yeah, actually, I am coming. You're the Tulsa airport. I would go to it immediately and grab the first plane, it doesn't matter whether it's going to Laredo or LA and just get on it and never come back. Well, I think that may be the route I end up going because it took her to red lobster again the other night because she loved those Cheddar biscuits and she just currently she'd been listening to the show and she heard what I said about her brother forever basically called him a disrespectful bum and she pressed on me to apologize and I wouldn't do it. And we got into an argument right there. She walked out right in the middle of the admiral's feast. I've never seen her leave a popcorn shrimp on the plate. Paul, she walked out right in the middle of it. I can't believe that. She won't miss the red lobster. What was your favorite thing at the red lobster Randy? Yeah. Those Cheddar biscuits were good. I liked it. I like to shrimp. Yeah. So basically, that's the way they remember the way they salted the baked potato too. Man, do I miss the red lobster? Come on out. I don't know, I don't know where is your red lobster anywhere near here, Randy? Yeah, we don't have a red lobster. Well, what I need is either you to help me get back in her good graces with maybe a gift certificate or something. No, no. Dustin, or how long have you been dating misses AJ's sister? Oh, few weeks. It's not super Dustin. Let it go. You don't know what it's like to be single out here. All I need to do Laura Rutledge or Alyssa Lang, do they have any sisters or anything? I mean, cousins, distant relations. I don't know either one of them that well. You've been a trooper this week, man. And I just wanted to try to add a little levity to it. I hope I did. You've done a hell of a good job with a really hard lineup of calls over and over and over. And it's been been really informative and I think you've done probably the best work on it. So thank you very much. You guys appreciate it. You take care of yourself. Mark is up next. So hello, mark. Hey, Paul, how are you doing today? We're here doing great. Thank you. I wanted to bring something to the table that may be somewhat controversial. I hope you'll let me finish, but I've not heard anybody address this. And it's concerning the Alabama basketball situation. I've been season ticket holder for Alabama football for basketball for baseball. Got 2° from university and it's just simply heartbreaking to see this right now. But let me say this. My question would be why would say 23 year old mother with a child of 5 years old out on the street up at 2 a.m.? Very succinctly. Because she wanted to be. Okay, that's fine. And I think questioning why a woman I'm not blaming her. Trust me. She has that right. And I have scholarships. Myself, and put myself in vulnerable situations. But I want to just say to parents and grandparents and young people, don't put yourselves in those vulnerable situations. I've done it myself. I'm not blaming her. Well, but listen, Mark, I don't know. We'll find out more in this case goes to trial, but there was another man she was with, apparently. Right, right. I think she, again, I'm going to be quiet here because I will stick my foot in my mouth even more than I've already done today. We'll take a short break back

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