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Goodness gracious. Tom practice or yeah. He's not making the same night but it was a nice moment roy to see him. Work with demarcus lawrence do you. I mean i think that there are people who will say like all these dudes just like they knew there on hard knocks pla. They're just trying to look cool. Do you buy it as authentic. Yeah i do buy it as authentic. Because i like i have seen it up close right and demarcus got that from players who came before him like you wouldn't know it and you might not even remember a guy like george selvi with the dallas cowboys. George taxi twenty fourteen. Let's put some respect while he's a guy who like took care of those younger players like tank when they first came in the league when they were rookies and put it put him under his wing and showed him the way. Now george salvi was never the talent level of damarcus warrants. So you wouldn't really remember that but it's those types of things that have been passed on from this locker room and sometimes we give a lot of flack to the cowboys and the locker room is a whole is being kind of unruly. That has not been the case for almost a decade. Now like this now. They do have their issues right. I'm not saying they don't we know. Zeke is off. You know off the field things early on but where they are right now. I think is as good as you know. They've been maybe ever. that's a great point standpoint. This was around the horn. You would get a lot of points for that roy so good for you. thanks what man. I was confused because i was going to tony next You kind of jumped into my brain. Tony catalina what is what is something you're surprised they didn't show this episode like even the theme of everything. It was kind of a familial theme. We saw a lot of families Was there something that you were kind of something. You've felt like just wasn't there like the last season. Game of thrones in its entirety. Probably give me some trouble for saying this but like me. We're up three episodes in and we really haven't seen jalen smith at all. He's a member of the team. We we said that after the first episode and there was a little fair but it was super early. But you're right like we haven't seen it at all at all three episodes in. He's in a couple of celebrations. He's doing a couple of handshakes he's in the team. You know the linebacker room huddled in the in the in the classroom but man the kid he hasn't been involved at all. So i mean i think that's a little bit curious i'm like why isn't he had some type of role but that's what. I just haven't seen that all interesting. I did say that episode one. I was like he's either going to find a way to make it onto the scream or war. He saw how much he has. He's hiding do you really think it's the latter be like. We really think that. I really think that talking about that. I have to wonder if the team has any input as to whether they are not covered they absolutely do vet this and go through it and so there is some influence to that point time. So maybe maybe they're the ones hiding him. That's exactly what's going through my head. They don't want him to be a distraction this year and if he becomes a focal point of hard knocks he could easily become a distraction. So i'm not too sure that not coming from inside the star that we're not seeing a lot of jalen but no one really becomes a focal point of hard knocks right like. That's kind of the thing of harness like if anything the only characters that have been focused on for more than one episode of the time is maybe a maybe a little bit of dak right and then kamara and mica right and those role reasonable guys to not have jalen featured at all right especially when he's a player that is no matter how bad it looks. He's going to be on this team and he's a well known player. In addition to that it is surprising to me. I think meg's point is accurate. Like i think an. Tom may be right in that as well. The team is kinda like all right. Let's not have it out there. But i think jalen himself based on his own social media presence being significantly less than it had been in previous years. Like i think he feels that he and he probably understands. It's best right now to let his do the talking you know unfortunately in the preseason hasn't that is not like a very good let's say we We have some answers from some people are loyal viewers. I am jacques. No now he did not say this. But i will add this. We've seen darrell basham rap. We saw in the post credits scene tonight. Lyle collins rap. I am jacques notes. If i don't get some bosman fat. I'm going to write a very strongly-worded letter to hbo. Johnson jackson sort the letter by the way but yeah with tyrod was the subject of a rap. That's what i'm saying. So we've seen multiple people rapid but not kelvin. Joseph that is a bit of a surprise to me jack. I think we do this now. I think we asked them tonight storm. We'll take over and we will get bosman fat. I don't have the ability to share this tweet on our stream live but i do want to share it right now I had tweeted during the episode. How awesome it was to see. Isaac cohen getting some love. Tom you noted that at the beginning of the stream and zeke's mom aka. Mom zeke responded and nobody has had said this this way and i think this is really clever. She said i want to get him some cake. Nobody has said that that's a he's still klis. You know what. I mean like from cake. Yeah what's tom. What's your favorite candidate like. Red velvet cake basing long. Yeah super comando like it's common answer tom. I thought i was expecting like a key. Lime pie or something from tom. You said pie. I've never had key lime pie from being honest with you. Oh rj all big. It's your birthday. What's the best birthday. Cake pecan pie good answer. That's a really good answer. brian. Bradford's tony says no djibril cox. Neil we haven't seen them so far in hard knocks. You could see even like even early on your bill. Crocs when like jalen smith like i remember seeing video on twitter and it was like jalen smith practices handshakes injured. Wilcox's kinda like. I'm i'm not involved in this. Like maybe he's just not he's not the type to really involve cananea. I'm a little interesting 'cause you know. He's a veteran. he's made a big impact on. The team is nothing. You know this a few people that they can touch on these last few episodes voter. I actually think this is a really interesting comment from i bleed. Blue sixty five on bosman fat. Maybe are copyright issues. He is a professional rapper. I hadn't thought about this before needs clearance. Okay that's yeah. I suppose that's true. Does he have a deal. I don't know i'm not in the music industry..

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