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Shifter's I love like and terms of all strokes. So I would be down to be any sort of liken throat because I'm all about that life Pity Ya, I think. I. JUST WANNA kill bad people with Edward. 'cause love him. Well, I guess it's time to say good night good night. Yes. Sir. It is I I will say I think a lot of people who are listening to this section already love and adore these books. I would think so I I, just WANNA say at least with this one I'm with you now I get you now I understand you get this worldwide millions of copy sold phenomena. It's a lot of fun and it's also really meaningful and powerful it is and You know I kind of outlined it a little bit earlier. But I, of course, want to end on a little bit of a sappy note. You know that I just really appreciate the character of Anita and what? Laurel K Hamilton has done with that I'm the type of girl who speaks her mind and I mean I am very polite and I'm very considered of people's emotions Lisa try to be but you know I've been definitely called a ball buster bitch all all that stuff so many times and I don't mind because if that means I'm on the same caliber as Anita, then she sister will take it. All right, everybody. Obviously, we love this book. I don't think we're going to give it a star rating because it's a little little different than our normal flavors since it's part of a series like this but we obviously bolt had a tremendous time reading this book. Thank you Laurel for being on the show. Thank you for writing Sucker Punch. Fantastic read goodnight Scott good night Sandra. Please keep reading pasture bedtime..

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