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Brooks heart in nineteen sixty meet him the most celebrated American hockey coach in history two decades later, but on August eleventh two thousand three in a single car accident a little bit of the Lake Placid miracle died with Herbert Paul Brooks on the hot hard asphalt of interstate thirty five in forest lake Minnesota as his casket descended down the steps of assumption Catholic church in Saint Paul Minnesota it passed under a curved canopy of hockey sticks raised up by his men teen eighty gold medal team. Many of those holding sticks were fighting tears and losing the fight. Herb Brooks, passing reminds us that human beings have a shelf life. It also reminds us that miracles do not and this miracle didn't happen on accident. I seen meal brought skating on a flooded rink in Roseau, Minnesota that his father got up at two AM to make in twenty five degrees below zero weather. I see John Harrington's late father Charles skipping over time at work to watch his kids games because his overtime would always be there. But the games would not. And then she him years later listening to John skate against the Russians from the cab locomotive. I'm vision. Margaret, Craig running her goaltender son. And all her other kids all over southeastern Massachusetts, a devotion that was absolutely unstinting until her cigarette habit. Caught up to her and cancer arrive. Behind every player. There are.

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