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Kfbk rain this afternoon and then storm doors open pretty much all week long. We're going behind your 49 degrees today. Tonight. Rain Low around 41 tomorrow will pop up to about 50 degrees, but again, more rain all the way. Very much through Friday. So enjoy this beautiful sunrise. That's going on right now. It's 30 degrees in Sacramento. After news from the neighborhood, Albert Parnell was ready to go. He's opened up his microphone. He's gonna fire away. Yes, 30 degrees is code, all right? Hello? Yeah. There we go. Sorry. This is coming out of Chico State Enterprise. So Chico State students Regulation center has moved there not electric workout equipment across the street from their rec center unto the second floor of the parking structure, creating a new outdoor working facility for the Chico State students, Okay, when they get back in school, full time in person and Chico State. Thank you, sir. Appreciate that very much. Not just here, By the way did you know storms are ripping through like the Midwest and the East? Oh, yeah. Bama. They had a killer tornado. Some person died. I know. I know it's the weather is the story across the country. There's a story across the country and we bring this up here because look, if your head no. Tonight on head into the mountains anytime in the next three days, folks, this is this is the real deal. So don't mess around with it. Make sure you take all the precautions, your chains all your stuff. Okay. Amazon, offering to lead President Joe Biden. It's operational expertise to shuttle Corona virus vaccines around the country. It's good because California's having difficulty obviously so are other states on progressives within his own party are saying, Let's keep them at arm's length. Why they're concerned that Amazon, in addition to delivering the vaccines will be collecting ah lot of health information on people getting the vaccines and it would be a treasure trove for Amazon because they're now trying to move into the health care market. Which is a $3.8 trillion healthcare markets for vaccines and pharmacies. And all of that Amazon is going to take the science in the data. They won't you size it is. They'll take science data. We're waiting for it. They're gonna steal it. All right, coming up. Remember when Sean Spicer was on dancing with the stars? Do I don't know how that went. That was a disaster. Apparently, there are a lot of politicians that are moving into Hollywood and they're being there's actually sought after by big Casting company. We want to watch them do that. Well, someone wants them wants to watch them do something, Okay, because there's money to be made and politicians as stars coming up. I liked it is.

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