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There's all the staff the house staff. and the mystery kind of turns on on these. Unspoken relationships between those two populations. It really kind of hits that sweet spot. Of Cozy mystery and then gritty kind of realistic. Very not cynical, but very frank about the clap, the class distinctions. that. Maybe it's the subtext of something grittier like Colombo or something right? it's just it's. It's so good I'm sure I'm sure your listeners love movies and they've already seen it, but it's interesting to think about in the context of types of mysteries and types of detective. Who Done it's? What's weird about the flop house podcast is that most of their listeners hate movies have never watched one. Of. The hosts. Last movie you guys saw what's the last movie? You've fell a saw in a movie theater before Corona Virus? Oh good question. Her boy, cat, tell you exactly, but I have no birds of Prey Oh wait now I saw cats a second time. Yeah, yeah! I saw I saw cats, so I could do it for the flop house because I. Don't get to the theater that off. Cats were actually catch was the movie I saw, but the last movie I saw not for the flop. Has the theater was once time in Hollywood? God when they remotely set manually, cats was my last movie theater, too. I. Should feel bad. That was the last movie I saw in theater, but it was exactly the right movie for me to see in the theater lasts because it was such a such a positive experience. I think I think we and all of cultural agree that cats is the last movie. Nah. No need to make anymore yeah. Stu Wellington's up. Yeah, what's up? Do you have a favorite detective. Or mystery movie, or you know or book or anything? Like my mom, my mom was always a big. Mystery Fan. I know you didn't ask me about my mom US A. But like my mom, which is what is it? midsomer murders all the time. The show that has zillion episodes. But now you know I I don't. I was more of like I was always more like a war adventure fiction guy. Cornwell type guy. I'm a real tough guy. So that was more my. vibe. Really. Agressive in nightclubs. Exclusively When you take me out of the nightclub I'm a lamb, but you put me back in their ally. Is Acting aggressively? Roar I. I have to say about Stewart be I. Mean I don't know whether it's just because he's a bartender is a skill is learned, or whether it's just who he is as a person. I've never seen someone so skillful at de escalating. Direction as Stewart. It's weird when I first started bartending, I came straight from. Running Hobby stores where I dealt mainly with teenage boys, who who who were not particularly good at dealing with social situations, so when I first started talking to drunk guys I treated them like they were nerdy teenage going yeah, that that did not go well. I'm GONNA fuck with. These is a little bit right, not a good idea because see the problem is when you're. You know a big tall, handsome guy who always sounds sarcastic. That's the absolute first person. A drunk person wants to punch. Yeah. Yeah I think I think David Rees. You've met your match Stuart Wellington Doll. Handsome guy always censor casting the two of you like movable object meets. Aman stop getting forty bench bench. What's what's a lot, but not so much acid? Expert? How fast can you do? Wings Day New York Times Cross. See, that's the thing. You know I suffer for being you know Tolan handsome, but at least I'm also very stupid. Love about Stewart is he's unabashed at calling I will say I think I wanNA start writing I want to start writing series. Of Detective Novels Starring Stu Wellington. First of all Washington's a great detective named Yeah. It's pretty sick name. It's pretty good. Yeah, say we're sites all. Like tall, tall and handsome but stupid. But the escalator by at heart. and He. On a ignore the bartender part. He is working at a hobby store. And so on and solving crimes out of the hobby store. That's a cozy mystery for me Oh. The Hobby store thing not great you can have. Yeah like models, and there could be a model of a house or something, and that that ties into the solution of the mystery or controlled car that you have to write us or glue. You know you know about all these. Resins, and stuff. Little tiny Bush. They used to pay their DNA whole Mr Figurines now. One of them went missing or something. You know what I mean like. Gary Guy Acts like like Gary Guy the monster manual. that. Students mistaken you wrote a monograph on the nineteen different kinds of pewter ORCs. I. Did yeah I did I. Don't like to bring it up on the PODCASTS. You're like Sherlock Holmes written a monograph for everything that comes up. Homicides or whatever the Yeah. The the every episode of Hobby Store Homicides was. Confession, a confession that I managed to get without any attempt to act without knowing there was a mystery. Canceled, the best thing is that your catchphrases is something like solving crimes isn't my job. It's just a hobby. Running the hobby store is my job. Play in that space between avocation and. When Hamas are your work? Life becomes a hobby. Sure, yeah. You can ride a hobby horse. When solving mysteries your hobby, you never work a day in your life. Do So. That'd be good. Yeah. One hundred percent of the mysteries. You don't solve way. That's true, too. That's true. Mystery. There's no. Hobby mystery series or a hockey mystery series. I mean if Kevin Smith's producing. I think he could be both. That's right. I mean speaking of tall handsome people I have to say. You are appearing to me in two. Boxes skype boxes above and below one another. You could be related..

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