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Let's get some of those world and national news for Nathan Hager Nathan Now we'll start with the Supreme Court Paul we got breaking news there The justices are taking up a case that could have been decades of precedence over college admissions They've agreed to hear appeals involving the use of race as a factor in admission decisions at Harvard and the university of North Carolina Affirmative action is common at selective universities though 9 states do ban race conscious admissions at public institutions Supreme Court is likely to hear these cases at the term that begins in October The U.S. is ordering families of diplomats out of Ukraine NATO is moving ships and fighter jets into Eastern Europe as those tensions with Russia persist Julie Norman is a lecturer on politics and international relations at university college London She says the western stance against provocation of Russia is shifting Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with his Russian counterpart on Friday and his conversations will be ongoing But what we also heard from the administration over the weekend and today is that they are going to start pushing for more of a deterrence and a potential defense response as well Julie Norman at UCL spoke earlier with Bloomberg surveillance In Germany police say a lone gunman wounded four people some of them seriously at heidelberg university's lecture hall police say the suspect is dead they're not saying how only that he used a long barreled weapon and fled outside police say they think the gunman was acting alone and there is no longer any danger In Milwaukee police say 6 people have been found dead in a home where officers have been called to do a welfare check and assistant police chief said yesterday afternoon the bodies of four men and a woman were found inside overnight the medical examiner's office tweeted that a 5th man's body had been recovered as well Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and more than 120 countries I'm Nathan Hager this is Bloomberg The balance of power It's always shifting NATO seeks further discussions with the Russians What about breaking up build back better Is that realistic Crack each transformation with Bloomberg's David Weston The tug of war between inflation and rate hikes from politics to business From markets to medicine Where are we in testing and where do we need to be Bloomberg balance of power with David Weston Right now there are a lot of people going into space on Bloomberg radio.

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