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Makes it the chips a couple of months in advance of them getting sold, and so qualcomm saying is well, the release dates going to be in. October. So we'll make some of the ships in September, but some of them will fall in the next quarter because those are the ones leading right up to it. Isn't it funny that this story would have been so much more massive like a five or six. Ago. Yeah, and now it's like, oh? Yeah. Well, I. Mean add that to the list of things that are kind of weird about this year. I might be able to go outside by then who knows knows. Who knows. Well, speaking of numbers, Canelas estimates that wall way the most smartphones worldwide in Q. to the first time in nine years that neither Samsung nor apple lead that market way shipments were down five percent on the year to fifty, fifty, five, point, eight, million devices. But down less than Samsung, which dropped thirty percent on the year while we ship seventy percent of its devices in mainland. China? So that's big market up eight percent on the year while overseas shipments declined twenty-seven percent. Yeah. Clever. Clever move. Samsung figured this little judo trick out. Yeah. Yeah, and for way look, this is the This is this is home cooking, right? They are going to be protected by the Chinese government. especially in times of economic turmoil, like we've seen that the world has experienced and You know I'm glad that this plucky little upstart. Can really show. It's. In, the end this is not. A Win for way, this is a we don't yet know the full effect of all of this on wall way because they benefited from. China coming out of lockdown faster than the rest of the world. And they benefited from a continuing surge in patriotic buying of alway phones within China. But it's showing a decline overseas which that's bad news. That's the real bad news for. Wall. Within. Twenty seven percent is I mean, it's it's who knows it could recover, but with being in the in such grey areas. Right, now you know in many large global markets, I wonder what the next quarter going to look like because of shipments declined to much more I mean you can. You can only lean on, you know you to mainland China so. Yeah, and always of fate will rise and fall with the opinion of China and right now, not only as well. Alway in the news, quite a lot for political reasons, not only in the United States. But also in the united, kingdom, but also feeling about China globally is in kind of a a dour place compared to where it was before and even in emerging European or in European markets If if people aren't really in love with it, you know there there's more low cost phone, you know rich feature, a smartphone approach, these days than there used to be. You can't just totally dine out on the fact that you are a good low cost option. Many of them coming of China. Plus is tearing it up folks love. One, plus phones and don't forget. We haven't mentioned it here. So maybe some of you have lost this in like people don't like..

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