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Here's Heather zehr. With the latest early travelers are going to be looking at generally good weather across the country today, although we do have a couple of potential spots. Mostly. We just have showers where precipitation is falling but across the northern tier of the country. That's not entirely the case, we are going to have some snow around parts of the Great Lakes. Mostly that's going to be around lake superior in Michigan as well as portions of Huron. And we are going to see a few places that can get us several inches of snow, including some of the snowiest areas mainly across the UPS Michigan getting up to about six inches of lake effect. Snow? We also do have a storm system that can bring liner amounts of snow across northern Pennsylvania up through eastern portions of New York and through central portions of New England these areas are generally going to get a coating to an inch or two. But there may be a few places mostly in the higher terrain from the Catskills up into the berkshires that could end up with several inches outside of that area. We're also going to be seeing some rainy weather extending down through the rest of Pennsylvania, and then down through the Tennissee valley and all the way in Texas in this rain is going to be for the most part, very light and scattered and shouldn't cost too many problems with any travelers. We also have a few showers that are affecting eastern part of the Carolinas mainly for this morning, although right along the coast, and especially for the Outer Banks, we could see those showers lasting all day. And that's the weather across America in Nashville Tennessee today, it'll be cloudy and cooler, they'll be a passing shower this afternoon with a high of fifty seven Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We'll have clouds and sun, high fifty three that's the nation's weather. I'm AccuWeather dot com. Meteorologist Heather zehr. Eighty-six at Pembroke pines, Florida,.

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