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Foreign source from a hostile foreign source says it's even illegal who says even legal Giuliani on state of the union on CNN house speaker Nancy Pelosi today holes a conference call. With democratic members. She asserts the report appears to undercut attorney general William bars conclusion, President Trump did not commit obstruction of Justice. She calls it a grave matter. Sixty nine year old Larry Mitchell Hopkins is jailed in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He's a leader in a militia group that has detained migrants crossing into New Mexico for now he's charged with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. US customs and border protection. And here's the message that they want to share these are, not helpful. And they warn that citizen interference can have safety and legal consequence ABC's. Lana Zak Hopkins to make his first appearance in federal court later this morning Ukrainian, comedian Vladimir Zielinski who plays the president on TV. There is cruising to a landslide victory and Ukraine's real presidential election. The results seen as Becklash against Ukraine's entrenched, corruption and low standard of living. You're listening to ABC News. It's not a rite of passage or just part of growing up. Bullying has no place in Zona schools. I'm Andrew Maurel, president of the Zona Education Association. Adults have the power to stop bullying. It's up to us as educators as parents as adults to stand up on behalf of bullied kids. Take the pledge to be that adult that in a dot org slash bullyfree. A message from the Zona education. Association..

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