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On the skeptical blogs i never had a paranormal experience so i was really hesitant to believe people who did and and i found that once i i stopped trying to explain these things and i just started listening to people's experiences and you know just taking indies subjective goes encounters that's when you really start understanding the phenomenon better than maybe re reading just research articles or skeptical blogs or ways to debunk things because you get so focused on ways to prove somebody's lying that you miss the actual experience that such a on spiring fantastic you know mind melting experience is going on and so stepping away from that and like you said experiencing things listening to things and being open things i think the moves people more towards understanding ghostly encounters i can tell you that i've i've done a lot of events lot of investigations with jeff belanger and jeff has a saying the story that he tells every time that we have an event and we're telling people to be aware of their surroundings he talks about the people who he seen with his own eyes are walking around with their faces buried in some kind of device staring at some sort of a screen or some sort of a piece of hand held equipment while activities happening right in front of their face but because they're not registering anything on that device in front of them they're not even paying attention to what's happening you know two feet away and that's that's the key to this whole thing is the experience part of it yeah ninety ninety nine percent of the the golden counters that that people have told me they're usually by themselves you usually in a calm environment whether that's just kind of sitting in a room looking at a computer or sitting in a room reading a book or getting ready to go to bed something like that so they're almost in a meditative state.

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