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Got a message from FEMA and the Ad council. You're listening to the best of Donna and Steve, seriously our favorite moments from last week's shows. Oh, this is the best on my talk. One of 71. Yes, and we're back. Donna and Steve on my talk. One of 71 everything entertainment be big Dashti. Yeah, that's what you want. I'm work. Shopping nicknames. Okay, let's skip that one. You put that on the packing, Turner, Boop, Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! Be big, nasty you, Dave. What? The big, nasty and Donna show. I'm sorry. The don and big, nasty, nasty because then they would hear that is the name and then they hear my dumb voice. Come out. It got a Now I want to talk to you about James Bond, Because many people you pricing it in the trades this morning. Um, Holly Reporter Variety picked it up. I don't know if this trip did you bring me the news, but I got an Apple watch. A lot of people talking about it, and I am spark Patterson. I have all sorts of new things that I'm learning about it and I'm advanced. Which got my attention because I was I was reading about techie things online because I have a new apple watch. I read about the reason one of the reasons that they need to delay James Bond. We know the movie was supposed to come out in April 2021. They've kicked it down the road some six months more. This was after it was supposed to come out in April of 2020 got the late October, then level Buck. Well, guess what they actually have to reshoot scenes that Feature technology James Bond style technology because they think it's already out of date. Oh, you're kidding me already. James Bond's high tech gadgets Will be outdated. That is the concern of people close to the movie. Come on. No kidding. And I guess there is a have they have these films sponsors for this. Which include Nokia and Omega, and they would be frustrated. So, the source says, with the older models of products that would date the movie when it's finally released, which means that some of the scenes we're gonna have to be very Carefully edited and look that to bring things up to date, the main scenes that the producer said they need to consider reshooting involves the gadget man. Q. Who in this case is played by Ben Whishaw. So you can't have bond going in there talking to Q saying what do you have? And then Nokia and Omega? These tech companies were saying, Oh, no, You can't be showing this stuff off. It's already advanced so much in the two years since we shot it was supposed to, you know, because it was supposed come out a year ago. Technology does go a long way in a year. But That's interesting. Yeah, Tech. It gets out of date. Quick. Damn. I can't believe they just keep posting. I bet it's got to be a good movie, right? No, not necessarily. I mean, we've seen a lot of movies that take a lot of time in a ton of money than aren't any good. That's true. You're right, Steve. Sorry I blew up. It's okay. Sam Adams is stealing. The Clydesdales. For their Super Bowl ad. Well, Budweiser is taking the year off from advertising at the Super Bowl. I think I love this. Tell me more So I think there's a clip of it in our in our preparation materials. Um, so in the commercial someone unhitch is the Clydesdales. From their wagon,.

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