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Podcast where we go over all of the injuries not just for the pittsburgh steelers but also for their upcoming opponent. In this case week to pittsburgh steelers are getting ready to host. The las vegas raiders at heinz field. The home opener for the for the black and gold. It should be an exciting time. Let's take a look at the thursday september sixteenth injury report. It is a situation where you have a lot of players that are returning to practice some that were given the day off and like i always said wednesday's report you can take it with a gigantic grain of salt. However thursday's report is where things start to get a little bit more serious you can see. The trajectory is specific players. Some players are trending towards starting. Some players are trending towards not playing in the pittsburgh. Steelers had a little bit of both on this thursday report. Let's go for wednesday's report so that you're aware of where they stood yesterday leading into thursday's Practice so on. Wednesday carlos davis with the knee was limited robber. Splaine with a shin was limited. Juju smith schuster in ben rothlisberger. Both were given the day off from the coaching staff. Not injured just given the day off. Now let's talk about thursday's report now. Carlos davis was downgraded with his knee from limited. Did not practice. Not a good sign for carlos davis getting a helmet on sunday. Which could open up the door for someone like isaiah loud or milk the rookie to get his first opportunity on the active roster we shall see also roberts splaine was limited was a full participant in practice on thursday. He is trending in the right direction. Meaning that he looks like he should actually be back. Juju smith schuster and ben rothlisberger bills returned to full participation in practice on thursday. There was another edition. A this is not a good injury and titan. Eric yvonne with a hamstring did not practice now before fans and fantasy football owners. Freak out about this and think. Oh my goodness with. The steelers are going to be out without hebron farm. He's gonna be able to handle all those duties on his own. Remember week one leading up to the buffalo bills game. Think back to alex smith. Alex highsmith was limited. He missed practice and then he returned on friday and he was a full participant in played in the game. They could just be airing on the side of caution with eric. Hebron and we'll see what friday's report has for him if he's if he is even limited he might be listed as questionable nonetheless. An injury to keep an eye on. Eric hebron's hamstring other than that and carlos. Davis's knee the steelers. Remain a very healthy team. Now when you look at the visiting. Las vegas raiders. My goodness the list. I read on wednesday was lengthy. We'll put it that way. It was lengthy. Now that was also an estimation because the raiders played on monday night against the baltimore ravens. They wanted overtime physical game long game and their traveling across country short week. They didn't practice wednesday sales an estimation. They did a walk through but thursday. They returned to practice and here is what we know. Now so denzel. Good the the guard. I spoke about him on wednesday. He was placed on injured reserve so was defensive. Tackle gerald mccoy with a knee injury both replaced on injured reserve which means that they will have to miss the next three games. And we'll be out of the lineup. Against the pittsburgh steelers obviously on sunday richie incognito with a calf did not participate josh jacobs with the angle. Keep an eye on that one. The running back did not participate again. Nick kwiatkoski i think. I got closer today than it is wednesday on that pronunciation with a concussion. Did not participate quarterback marcus mariota with a quad. Also did not participate Roderick teamer the safety with an ankle did not participate when you think about all these players. I just listed that did not participate. You're wondering it's thursday. Friday is the final day for. The injury designations to be reported. Not looking good for some of these players to be participating on sunday at heinz field. Let's go to who was limited carlin. Acid with a pectoral injury slash to- pass rusher had very good game on monday was limited. Also another pass rusher jahic in gakugei with a hamstring was limited fullback alec angled with a fibula. I'm not sure how you injure that but nonetheless he was limited denzel perryman with a hip. Linebacker denzel perryman was limited. And then you also have defensive. Tackle darius filon with a knee was limited and then the players that were full participants yet You know what divine diablo. The ankle brian edwards wide receiver with an elbow defensive end quelen feral With a defensive end that he was the back injury. He was a full participant. Jonathan hankins with a knee center. Andre james than elbow All those players were full participants. But that's still a really really long list when you compare it to the pittsburgh steelers. The raiders are banged up and even if player was full doesn't necessarily mean that they're one hundred percent healthy they were just a full participant in practice. Every single player is dealing with some type of bumps and bruises as mike tomlin would always say are associated with the game of football. So keep that in the back of your minds at the same time so there you have it folks That's the thursday injury report for the pittsburgh steelers. And they las vegas raiders as they prepare for their week. Two matchup at heinz field sunday. One o'clock make sure behind the curtain dot or one stop shop for all.

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