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Dot com slash give back for more info in eligibility so the founder open and I'll get to the momentarily as is my Twitter at Jodie Mac man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. I. it takes all kinds to make the world go round right here are two tweets I died within the last ten fifteen minutes specifically about the oak opening monologue segment I tested from rich do ruler who is a he according to his Twitter three time college football national championship winning fan true to Atlanta girl dad I don't think I've ever gotten a tweet from rich do rule before but he was very nice because he said don't ever change jadi mak a gave me a yeah muscle mochi and a coat of mochi at thanks rich the role of forgetting throw I apologize if you've tweeted me before I do not remember your your I taught this I also got this tweet from Landry locker who like Rick the ruler I don't think I've ever heard from before but Landry locker right anyone complaining about the format of the horse race or any sports league or a venti here during these times is a strange case study total buzz kill central by at Jodie Mac man during my brief commute I could have just walked where I needed to go barefoot one guy doesn't want me to change and one guy wants me to get the hell off the air so you never know when you take the air waves would you flip on the Mike when they play your show open you think you're going to do your backyard some people are gonna love it and others are going to turn out in droves why apology for Landry the locker but I will defend myself I'm all for changing fan our game have for forty plus years I thought that even in these strange times cutting the race to a mile and an eighth and making it a one turn races they could have what made it a mile away to mated to turn rates but they just wanted to dumb it down and I don't think they did justice to the history and tradition of that leg of the Triple Crown which I know got moved from third to first that they couldn't control that I'm not critiquing them poor they could have said hell no we run the Belmont Stakes in November but the breeders Cup in November didn't want to compete with the breeders Cup so they stood their ground said we keeping it into a couple weeks later than usually it's perfectly fine with that understand that and they did not let this the Kentucky derby or Preakness dictate their terms they dictated their own terms about when they were going to run and they dictated the terms about how they were going to run about my state I don't have to accept it just because they decided it I think I got part of a right part of it wrong sticking to the date as close to what it was supposed to be run as they could I applaud them for changing the circumference of the track they run over and the distance they run now yeah sorry you're you're spitting in a hundred years of tradition and history not for me and if you don't like that Landry I apologize I did a phone call eight five five two one two four two two seven Paul from Connecticut up first tonight hello Bali Jody fellow SUNY graduate grad school I'm a little older than you but I love racing more than anything and I work nine years at Saratoga not this year of course in Belmont to them he just pointed something out that screwed me up I was looking at the echo base charts on the time in this horse ran a monster final time without any you know buyer or breasts or whatever number but they did run it in a funky shoot type scenario right I I was watching that you're right A. B. I think you're right about they should modify the distance because the I know they did it years ago maybe different tracks B. C. I think that three weeks ago to the day maybe for pricing was three I called up summers and I tried to make he complimented me I love racing it is much as you do forty plus years in self worth and I want to one I think younger people who have been abstaining or confused about sports betting and I understand that whole industry because I do work in a little bit but more horse racing is my passion I try to market that they should take an interest in the sport because it's a very good challenging puzzle to figure out there's people animals in it was the number one spectator sport in the fifties and then we got a shot here to get it back a little bit so yeah is the is the one thing here's here's the price it's both a blessing and a curse you can wager today they handled sixty million more I I forget what the final number why don't you go ahead I think it's like over sixty million dollars a day and will take ten million on about a month something like that right my body was texting me whether I'll see if I can find it for you real quickly but that's what they they had a a very busy day not off the charge busy when I thought it it could be a little bit bigger but it does okay the point is that the tracks no right to allow the people to bet and they want the people to bat through their apps port of their website the airports and the growing sports gambling websites are not connected to our partners with the horse racing gambling what no no no no it can it can I inject something on this Lee Churchill bought that America you know they're going to they're not the same portal book I guess my point and I well I don't want to get into the details of of arguing or because you're a good guy your Philly boy to live I know that so the board the book which I like the point I was trying to raise is is they are in science of racing is much more interesting than updating I just these younger people do not understand how exciting and fun and you're right being online indirectly the whole experience of Saratoga I know Martin pans said we got a run up there the purse structures different they gotta move everybody up there I I'm not in full agreement with that but I guess my point is racing is truly a fun thing to be at it is bring you find you find you find handicapping a talent and something that you enjoy and you want to get into what you want to be better than the other guy and the light I hope the millennial feel that way I have a fear and thanks for the call I gotta get to update here that that's one of the things that millennials like about sports prop betting and stuff like that you read the prop bet you think about it for five seconds you make a call you punch a site that it's good that it's a medium that it's something that you can do in that snap your fingers I'm not sure that that's what they're looking for in their wagering it's a challenge the time to sit down in front of a daily racing form or an echo base or whatever route form of information get your hands on and go to past performances and wait all these numbers and emphasize what you think is most important you.

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