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Is strong. Our roots are deep our pledge to help. Houston businesses thrive is never ending. So it's no surprise allegiance Bank is Houston's largest community Bank. In fact, community is what allegiance is all about. We believe investing back into our city, providing extraordinary personalized service, exceptional products, and even no cost online, banking and refunded ATM fees. Help keep Houston's economy humming. We're Houston's Bank. We are allegiance Bank member. FDIC equal opportunity lender. You're about to start the big spring project on your home. I call to make Houston signing two eight one eight five nine nine thousand two eight one eight five nine nine thousand Houston, siding dot com. Tom tough products stronger than are tough Houston heat. It's an elite preferred contractor for James Hardie, siding. Two eight one eight five nine nine thousand. So let's hear your idea for the new ad, okay? Visualize this we start off with the camera zooming in on the Houston powder coders logo as fades away. We get an aerial shot showing three industrial buildings on six acres with eighteen wheelers getting loaded ways, I'm not sure you get much better. You have clips of large Dr gates, skids and oilfield equipment moving in and out of our oversize of him. I don't think you case Houston powder. Coating capabilities of applying F B E on the idea of pipes and fittings anyways. While all this is going on the website is scrolling the bottom of the screen, Houston powder, coders dot com. You know, make it really pop. Tutors dot com. Then after all this we surprise everyone by showing that we can awful handle smaller residential outdoor patio furniture. Let them see that we can do all of the work in house the final Saudis of our thirty team members standing together and saying we're Houston proud where Houston strong, we're Houston powder. Coders? Sounds.

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