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They know where the poop is they could smell and they'll. They'll just avoid it but. I kid you not as soon as this enthusiastic will dog. Scattered the POOP with his paws he dropped the Frisbee. And gave me this look like. I've lost, I've lost motivation. I. I stepped in Poop. I can't play anymore. And then he just walked away. I could be reading into it, but normally, he would just come right back with that Frisbee and I've never seen him after a catch just drop it worry was and go in a direction not close to me. And I was thinking about this. There's a lesson there. And it might even tie into. This pending November election actually Sometimes you got to clean up the crap. The mess that is clearly there before you can just go on with your life before you can just enjoy life and play and I'm going to echo this week's guests Helen Lee. Old Or young if if you're eighteen or older, you'd need to be registered to vote in this election. And I mean first of all, it's it's a responsibility. So even if you're gonNA vote for trump okay. Just don't tell me. But. I would say, especially, if if you like many people even those who voted for trump twenty six few realized that he is just. He's just incapable of doing this job in. It's all about himself You know he we need. We need someone who's really going to be able to pull the country together and to lead us, and whether you liked vite Internet in the primary he is the other candidate and. We, got a vote. You can't think about you know what life is going to be like when the vaccine is finally here and working enough people take it you. You can't think about how the economies recover when you're gonNA take that the late trip. This crap on the field. And we're not even saying who did it. But it's gotTA. Get cleaned up. Before we can really play without distraction. So you know. My little puppy can understand that. He gets that and. I own it. That was that was my fault I. I should've could've cleaned up the mess. And it's did I ruined his day so. I do not want to have a ruined A. November four, th or A week after November third whenever we find out the official results. We. As a country have got to come together. Get Beyond Party and put Biden and Harris in place so that our country can begin to heal and unite and work together. To get us out of this morass that our current president has put us in because of all of his. His is narcissism in his. Inability to read and whatever you know so. I just want to give you that lesson from our dogs. Sometimes,.

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