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On we'll get in indianapolis right now if they give andrew lock back they're running backs right now are gore marlon mack josh ferguson they are one great wide receiver in gee why hilton who is in a category of the best in the game and they really don't have an impact tie then that's where you can't tell me a running back like a barkley who can run a between the tackles who can bounce it outside and who can catch it out of the back field doesn't automatically not only make them more dangerous but it gives them any lead player at a position that has so few of them in the nfl that's the other thing do we want wanna find yetis we wanna find people that we've never seen before we want the ely guys on our rosters and yet it is a running back so we can't spend that high currency even though we might be able to come in and run for 1200 yards catch 500yard were of a balls than giddy this kind of guy can give you seven gene eight hundred guards worth of offense if not more and probably twelve touchdowns and that's catching n running and by the way i'm only keeping him for six years that's the other caveat in this you know everybody plays this running back roulette or edge really it's warwick soda machine theory press the button another one comes down i will make it work no i want any leaked guy that i can get on a fiveyear contract and minimal the franchise them for one more year and that i'm going to ship them out the door let somebody else payam that's the way this is going now how most nfl players don't make it half a decade in the league but if i can get mirror great order running back in and run them doubt for six years and then move on i think it would work done in pennsylvania next time aggression cbs sports radio there you go first time caller i'm light and one of them here from the show so far i'm definitely going to keep on listening how you doing well you know pretty simple.

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