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Hello. Nominated for best picture nominations for best picture green book. Whoops. More blood coming down the leg. That's natural. Best picture the fucking one with Steve Carell and the boy. Whatever that one was that is for sure boring. Whoops. I'm standing in blood. That's natural. Then it cuts to Jonah hill. Like. Hello. Nominations for best. Actress. Meryl Streep, of course, what she even in a movie this year. It doesn't matter drip, woops that's natural. I just slipped in my blood. Then it cuts to fuck in. The guy from Black Panther a coat. That's too long for him. Just like. Welcome the blacks, and Asians and whites. Loops. And then the him her robot falls and slips and there's like fucking period blood all over the robot face and the people who keep coming up accepting their awards, they did she hands. She hands the award to the person, and there's blood all over the award. And then but everyone who wins like speaking afterwards in the fuck and the post talk where they talk about who else they wanna thank and shit backstage. There's like blood all over there fucking dresses and faces. And then and then one guy is like, I don't know what's up with all this fucking why they had to have period blood all over, and then and then that person gets slammed so hard the next day and loses his fucking career. And it's like will Ferrell said the thing then we looked up old tweets also. That's natural. Oh, and then just fucking like. And then the male robot would have weird s like pancake tits like not even like good ones. But like bad ones. Just just just to fuck in like draw out the trolls on the internet that'll be lay fucking gross tits. And then personal they'll lose their job. It's natural to have flat boobs after I fed my robot, daughters and sons with this. So now, they're fled. Do not make fun of motherhood 's it's natural. And then. And then they gave it to long speech. And then the robot comes up and just fucking manhandles the shit out of them just like rip off stage. Like, that's the only thing that malfunctions fucking. And there's blood all over them falling over the place, but they're trying to fuck and bring them back stage, and they fall down a little bit and fucking Tim Timothy Sheila valley as all fucking blood up, and he's trying to drag them off and Timothy Timothy Timothy says Alva Volvo Lally. just has fucking. What's what these fuckers with the names, man? Timothy Chevallier with the FOX's name challenge. Fuck out of here. Timothy Shalam shallow. May you know? Is there a fucking more? Cock name than shallow may is. He's he's American to right or is he British? How could you not be British with the last name? Shallow may. Well, obviously, it's from fucking. But like was he born in Pittsburgh, though, you know, people are from where the from. But we're the from where they're from that's annoying shit too. When people are like, yeah, I'm from New Jersey. But I'm talion. It's like, yeah. Okay. You're American citizenship. But what also what was the fucking? I was. I was listening to this thing on. Of course, it some podcast some bullshit ass podcast. Listen. I started good. Oh, the Ted radio hour do the guy who does the fuck and Ted radio hour. This is another thing too. I would play if I had it. But I don't have it. But the, but the guy there they were talking about fortune cookies. Two-thirds of the world's grasslands. Our voice is the this is..

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