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One and not if you're if if you wanna know. If you're in Florida right now. Well, you can make your own decision as to that statement. Well, I would invite him to go to Rwanda and make the statement. The Atlantic published in article on Saturday that said Trump supporting Jewish people should no longer. Be welcome at synagogues. Okay. Following the shooting of the Pittsburgh synagogue Franklin. Four a Jewish staff writer for the Atlantic suggested. In the article, the Jewish Americans who support Trump are complicit in anti-semitic acts. Oh. This is extremely Laima ten for Democrats that have been so quiet when Obama Clinton Allison and others had met with Louis Farrakhan. I mean, it's just to try to make the leap. To Trump is just the most bizarre thing. Well, it's, but it's all they have a I mean, really, it's blame Trump for everything. You know, it it really is. Oh, great foreign policy experts. Besides myself have. Should be. I wasn't putting myself in great foreign policy expert status on great foreign policy experts who blow me away have made the observation that it was Trump that changed the policy of the United States when it came to Israel. Yeah. Yeah. But no, I I guess you have to hang out with Farrakhan to be the good guy Dershowitz was gonna blow Allender which is going to blow up on FOX. The other day said about the Democrats look come on. Well, I mean, it's not even it's not even a comparison. No, it's not. But here's the. The imagery the left has has has gone so far. They're painting all of these false pictures, of course. I don't know what they do next. How do you talk? What you're doing? Now. Four said in a paragraph that he believes Trump supporting Jewish people should essentially be exiled from society writing the people should refuse their money and make them unwelcome at synagogues, quote, any strategy for enhancing, the security of American Jews should involve shunning Trump's Jewish enablers their money should be refused. Their presence in synagogues. Not welcome. They have placed their community in danger. Yeah. All right. I.

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