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West palm beach tamarack greenacres From ABC news. i'm daria albinger the stage is set and the candidates are ready as ten democratic presidential hopefuls square off tonight in the first debate of the twenty twenty campaign number of candidates on stage and the debate format mean the democrats here have little time to make a mark about eight minutes each if the moderator stick to sixty second answers and thirty-second follow ups over two hours this registered democrat hope for substance over flash in the timeframe that they've got right now there's not gonna be enough detail it's going to be a lot of hyperbole i think even after two nights and four hours of debate americans would have only heard from four fifths of the crowded field aaron katersky a._b._c. news miami on capitol hill senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is commending his chamber for passing a measure sending emergency humanitarian relief to the southern border the partisan senate border supplemental has passed with an overwhelming vote i commend chairman shelby center lay members of the appropriations committee for breaking the logjam vote eighty four to four senators voted down a four and a half billion dollar house bill that address the conditions of detention centers where migrant children are held lawmakers have to reconcile the bills president trump is on his way to japan for the g twenty summit there's a new problem that could delay the boeing seven thirty-seven max from getting recertified low sign of the boeing seven thirty-seven max is close to being approved to fly passengers again now a possible new problem with the plane the f._a._a. confirming it his found a potential risk involving the aircraft that boeing must mitigate it comes as the f._a._a. evaluates updates to the mac software meant to prevent the nose down issue played a role in two deadly crashes the f._a._a. saying it will allow the plane to fly again once it deems it safe to do so v._c.'s alex stone stops closed mostly lower on wall street the dow slid eleven points yes impeach up four the nasdaq gained twenty five you're listening to a._b._c. news there's nothing like meeting there's nothing like meeting face to face and there's nothing like zoom to make that happen zoom.

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