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Transvestite action revolutionaries, which supports Queer Youth in New York City by Nineteen seventy-two. They've pulled together enough money to purchase a house which they call the Star House, no to the acronym for the street transvestite action, revolutionaries, eleven, and they use this house to house. Homeless Queer Youth and Sylvia and Marsha Fund the House through sex work. So that the kids who live there don't have to do it themselves. it's beautiful. The Star Organization also jumps. into other equal rights and anti police brutality causes around the city, marching and protests and supporting. Other marginalized people in any way they can, but as they head into the early seventies, more and more people start to peel themselves away from transgender gender queer causes the gay. Liberation Movement starts to think about trans. Rights as being too difficult to attain so separate from activists like Marcia and silly, and Sylvia and to give the thinking was to give gay causes a better chance. Than at the gay, pride, March and nineteen. Seventy-three, Sylvia tries to make a speech, but is repeatedly blocked by other gay activists, and she eventually grabs the Mike and Yells. If it wasn't for the drag Queens, there would be no gay liberation movement. We're the frontliners so shortly after that she attempts suicide, but Marsha finds her and saves her life. So the stonewall uprising very quickly gives way to the gay rights, movement and Pride celebrations now start taking place all around the world on June twenty, eighth nineteen, seventy, the queer community in New York City gathered outside of Stonewall for the first annual Christopher Street Liberation Day they commemorate the stonewall uprising with a March and Los. Angeles and Chicago follow suit with their own marches and a also San. San Francisco that same year San Francisco has the. They have what they call a sit in They marched on Polk Street and then they have a sit in themselves. and the next year. Boston, Dallas, Milwaukee, and even Paris. London West Berlin and Stockholm all host pride marches of their own every year, the number of participating cities grows until we reach the pride month celebrations, no them today..

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