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Your input Bryan Alvarez by the way. Do you like why? Why does that matter to him? Yeah, I don't know. Why does that is Brian, you raise matter prop exactly which because people listen to the radio and you listen to you guys all the time. So if you get one, teeny tiny detail wrong, it's the end of the world. No, no. Mason knows everything. If you get one thing wrong, it's a big deal. Do we? I mean, this is the expert three hours of made up stuff. Right? It's hard to remember all these vacs. Remember all this stuff. Damn got the top of your head to. It's not like you're constantly looking at the screen. Look it up and see let me get the exact numbers. It's actually a one point, two, five whip opposed to a one point, two, six, like you said, so richton. Excellent teas from brand came in at sqi which was a professional, how was it? How do you expect? Lonzo? It was like three minutes ago. Either anyways, a great tease I should have got sidetracked by Bryan Alvarez. Thank you. Thank you very much for hanging in there for this teeth. Right? Yeah. The question was how Lonzo is gonna fit in or something or. No, not wasn't that great. It was like Lonzo. Where's Bryan Alvarez now? Yeah. Yeah. Bryan Alvarez. Hey, producer multi-platform. Greg, where you busy on your periscope or. I was actually on all six platforms right then. No, he was something about Lonzo. Okay. Jay, we'll look it up any moment. Now Lonzo is expected to play tomorrow night, right? Hey, I wanted to do. It wasn't the tease I wanted to do a quick shot out to multi-platform, Greg, who is doing who's on most channels on the internet, including periscope, Facebook, live. What else? Instagram live on YouTube twitch and periscope for ESPN LA.

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