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Jesse is amazing book you'll grow out of it just came out in paperback go get it you can find a link to buy online at longest shortest time dotcom also where my demand ladies at high la we know some of you have written in lst about this crazy condition before and ladies let me tell you i feel you truly it has been so much fun but of course we want to hear what you think is well do you think i should be the new permanent host of the longest shortest time that is so sweet i cannot i cohosts my own podcast with daniel schneider which is called bitch session it is just as important as this show who discussed the real housewives anyway we wanna know how you related to jesse story the please tell us in the comments for this episode and that's episode won twenty nine the longest shortest time was created by hillary frank this episode was produced by abigail kiel and christon clark and hosted by me casey wilson we are edited by peter clough ni our engineers are peter kerim and jared o'connell our technical director is the reverend john delor music is performed by hot moms dot gov and directed by allison layton brown we get editorial support from annemarie ball baldato antoniak attuned day enrica mercy special thanks this week to some folks that your wolf la ryan connor and cody scully hillary we'll be back next week with a brand new episode is talking to the writer ashley c ford about her relationship with her dad he said i'm just you know matt's had little conversation with them and let them know you over i was like no you're not because actually been prison dead do not miss that show subscribed the longest shortest time and stitcher apple podcast or wherever you like to listen and has always the longest shortest time is looking for your stories go to longest shortest time dotcom and i can't believe i get to say this.

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