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Now for JOE's. Joe. What do you have for us? So the xfl is going to be auctioned off on August third after filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy last April. It's founder. McMahon said that there's twenty potential buyers have now signed NDA's for potential purchase of the League, but that many buyers interested my question to you guys is. Do you think the league will make return, and if so when it all? This is one of those you know. Fool me once. Shame on you for me twice. Shame on me like it's xfl I. think There's definitely been some good ideas along the way, certainly technologically speaking especially the first year you saw the way they use the camera mic in the players get more personality. Hate me, etc, and I know you watch a little more or less latest iteration here the second time around, but to me if you feel, it's pretty. Pretty tough to get back on the horse of third time I mean I. Get the fact. Visit GonNa say there's still people kicking tires, and yes, there's a huge appetite for football in this country, but if you fail twice, it's tough to really go for three for me. I mean that's true. However, however, we talked about on the salary cap. We're going to have a huge supply of players that are going to have a hard time getting jobs. And there's going to be a supply chain out there. That's going to be really really better than what they had last year. If I were the NFL I would by the League I would partner with somebody, and by the League I think it has to be one person buys the league. One person has to incur the cost. It can't be nine different owners, because that's what messes everything up and then I think it could be really the farm system of Developmental System, the Leadership Academy we talked about it could be everything for everyone. You know and it could be and also way to help get more employment for players I think if I'm the national football league and I know that would seem like a monopoly right if they own two leagues, I don't know federal law and antitrust laws and all that stuff, but to me I would be really interested in buying it I think it's the perfect time now because with that cap goes down and really let's face it ad. You don't care who's in the stands anymore right main. Because of the virus season ticket sales. You know that reve, it's gotta be all on television and TV's are looking for more stuff, so I think it could line up to the perfect storm I wouldn't be spreads Vince McMahon makes money on this thing. It's a good point. Make about supply and demand. I didn't think about that. You're right. There's amount of players to be looking for jobs, and so therefore I just want to play. WHO CARES ONE? One hundred thousand. Whatever that point is, you want to play specially. If you just lost your job in the NFL and revenge is always a dish best served cold I. think a lot of these guys get cup of the NFL because the salary cap limitations I don't care. I'll play wherever you want. There's only so many guys that complain the AFL so I. Do see your point if the cap could be that disastrous than yes, this league. League could have some chance amazing that they could come back from the dead for third time. Right Yep no doubt and I think sometimes you know the the middle of difficulty lies opportunity, and I think there's a great opportunity here for this league, and I think that somebody who's a lot smarter than I am going to see this opportunity in light of the salary Cap in light of the fact that we don't need fans, we can plan small. Small stadiums we can really reduce our cost. We don't need to play in in the meadowlands. We don't need to play at Texas Stadium. We don't need to play. You know we can cut this thing down. We're going to have very few people in the stands we're going to. It's going to be paid for television event. It's going to be only for TV. We're going to have interaction. Obviously. The TV's going to have to fund everything and. We don't have to worry about selling tickets to be able to make it so I think there's a great opportunity I really do, and then as we build back once. The game gets popular from the vantage point of seen it on television. You can me by that time. We'll be able to sell tickets TV. Definitely is what it's all about. When it comes to movies and TV, we always talk pop culture here recently on Sinophile I watched. Watched the movie iron. We'd which is with Jack Nicholson Meryl. Streep came up nights eight seven I'd never actually see. They play a couple of depression era drifters. It's based on a book and it was excellent and maybe think about how much I Miss Jack Nicholson. Who hasn't made a major film since the bucket list which has over a decade ago, his last credited screen appearance ten years ago. And how do you know Mike and I both? Both love is good as it gets. It's one of our favorite. Jack Nicholson movies cyber question to you Mr Lombardi. If he didn't do a Nicholson Mount, Rushmore which I did, and this is virtually an incredibly difficult thing to do. Here's the forum going with one over the one floor. The CUCKOO's nest iconic performance as mcmurtry Chinatown, which is one of the great film, the wars, the nineteen seventies as good as it gets. Is You and I? I discussed Melvin. Udall so funny and so unforgettable, and then it's very tough that last spot. Do you go with the departed to go with about Schmidt? Do you go with A few good men lots of great choices. The shining is a great movie. How for you? How do you see it? What are your favorite Jack Movies I think he was amazing. As the joker I thought he was fabulous as the joker I. Love the Batman. I thought one flew over the CUCKOO's nest, and the shining together I think they were incredible I mean when you just see the scene of him picking his nose through the door. It's like the shining. You know you just get that so I go. There are good men. I don't know how you can play Nathan. Are Jessop part of our culture is part of our. You know you're quoting that movie all the time and then..

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