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The reality to it. Is you know you move mountains to go and get your quarterback and you trade and get trae lance now if you wanna say garoppolo going to have a longer leash than other people in his position because trae lance only played one football game last year and wasn't playing at a super high level like that's fair fair But late started fast over the weekend and jimmy garoppolo kinda caught him. I do think that jimmy garoppolo should have the leg up because he does know the system like the back of his hands. He has seen live bullets. He seemed the liveliest of bullets in the super bowl. But you know it's like it's really you can't believe a word any of these these guys say do i believe he's playing the best football of his life. Okay sure is he. Motivated by sure is their long term quarterback of course not. You don't draft a guy that high you don't move mountains that much unless you're ultimately going to make him. You're starting quarterback. You just suddenly have an epiphany one day. John work you know. Jimmy is good enough. Let's stick with jimmy. Let's figure out how to do it having both like. That's not gonna happen. And the question is did they do the sam bradford or they do the alex smith. Sam bradford is eagles obviously signed him. Brought him back then they went and drafted carson wentz and ultimately would minnesota had an injury they traded and they they got a first round draft pick for forum and they end up kind of winning. You know winning the day if you will as the bradford which. I don't think you can do with india. Because winds will by most people's estimation be back and like i think we all view whence as a little emotionally calm. He has a fragile level of confidence. Like this is what his his flaws are a. He's he's got a self esteem a- a quarterback self esteem issue. It's like you want to grab them and say carson. You're good enough. You're smart enough and gosh darn people like you. A crisis in confidence is in help. When you bring in jimmy garoppolo even if it's because you've been banged up in you're always hurt. I definitely takes them out of the nick foles thing they can't bring in nick foles. Can you imagine your carson wentz. You like again with this guy note. Thanks doesn't matter how good friends they are. How good he. Nick foles a great human being is going to be a pastor when he's done like all that is great. It's still nick. Foles the guy one sukhpal. While he sat sat there and watched his team win it but to me. The he's playing. The best. Football of his life signifies. They wanna move him. But it's weird because do you wanna move him when you could legitimately compete for and maybe win a super bowl like look if they have. Nick boasts on the defensive line. If they're healthy that's a stacked group. It's a stacked group. And as much as trae lance checks. A bunch of boxes. The idea that trade lance played one football game last year and never played consistently wasn't playing high major d one football and he's gonna come to the niners and take them to the sukhpal. Nobody sees that the sam bradford thing is the dream. The alex smith thing is the reality right. Which is your hold on to them. You let them have this entire year. You make it about garoppolo. You make him the quarterback and you tell them look. This is all that audition for next year's job somewhere else but meantime our quarterback but it is weird when you start putting out the. He's playing the best football of his life sort of thing. That is the somebody come. Make an offer. Sort of statement as much as the texans or an object disaster with their dijon watson thing of course you got a guy the front office who drafted jimmy garoppolo and as much as it doesn't feel like there's another team right. There's a houston. We can't do it. That got too many quarterbacks and they gotta figure out the deshaun thing. I can't do it. Because they're waiting under shawn watson okay. Indie can't do it because they don't wanna they don't wanna hurt the fragile confidence of carson. Wentz those are three options. They'll be three more. They'll be three more cows hanane talking about forty niners. Qb's to album beer. I think it's going to be tougher. Lands to win the job. Just in terms of being two different styles quarterbacks and maybe different styles of offense for both. I'd be very surprised if we had did the way jim did. With the way playing. I put a lot of that on a kid. He's doing everything he can't. He's very impressed with them so far. But i'd be very surprised if that happened. John lynch told this to adam schefter. Jimmy is a big time competitor and we haven't played a game yet but in practice in the off season and practice in training camp as far. He's playing the best football since he's been here now. Here's the reality to going in. And i think some of you know this from playing in highschool those of us who played in college. No it ain't and the same rings true in the pros. There's a lot of people that ask questions about. Hey anthony lynn for example last year. Okay if you ask anybody around the chargers now they're like how are settling on. Tyrod taylor or tyrod taylor now. You have to keep in mind. That anthony lynn head coach. Tyrod taylor in buffalo. When they went to the playoffs. And that tyrod taylor is a guy who never turns the ball over and he was replacing philip rivers who became a turnover machine late in his career. But more than anything. taylor new. The offense taylor knew what he was supposed to be doing. He whereas it was completely and totally new compl completely and totally new for a rookie quarterback and so it's not just having sweat equity when you just know what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to do it where the ball supposed to go. It makes everything so much easier for you. You know so when you sit there and you ask yourself. How could justify herbert shut. Sit behind to rod taylor. If not for you know the team. Doctor mistakenly injecting the lung of tyrod. Taylor right just. Herbert is an absolute looks. Like an absolute star. You go to charges practice. And if you're like me you've been to their training camp the past three or four years especially going back to when they had philip rivers. It's like a. It's a different sport. There was just areas of the football field. That philip couldn't throw the ball to anymore. There are no areas of the football. Just herbert can't throw the football too. He looks the party. Acts the part he feels. How could they have missed. We'll look trailing says the same thing trae lance has checks a ton of boxes. For what eventually the niners quarterbacks gonna look like. But i can tell you this i again. This is. it's different but it's the same. My first year in college. I went to notre dame i played for john mcleod john macleod was a longtime eighteen years ahead head coach. I believe in the nba. And i was. I guess promised i was told i'd be the starting point guard and i would tell you three weeks into practice. I didn't think i could ever play college.

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