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Lose not what does these big mal w you'll who is over his nor late last night africa's oldest leader confounded their hopes of his country and the generals you have him on house arrest by refusing to resign however we cannot be guided by bitterness therefore vengeful naisse so tomorrow the drama shifts to parliament unopposed tim hatched today by his former comrades zanu pf who wants to close is president mcgarvy fit to be the president too above no that's the reason why we've got that beautiful tutu's took appreciates imagine the very people who helped him ruled now accuse him of ruining the country's economy they're not the tyranny of which many woods debate they too were apart these people again you have that president but they're not giving up power with or without mcgarvy zanu pf to stay in charge this past week zimbabwe has felt transformed that power does not yet be transferred now report from john ra independent television news the supreme court of kenya today up hell president who can yacht as disputed reelection decision touched off violent protests leaving at least two people dead the opposition has boycotted last month's election and charged that it was rigged the court ordered that vote after it nullified the original election in august over irregularities the us is putting north korea back on a list of state sponsors of terror it was removed from the live under president george w bush in hopes of ending the north's nuclear program president trump announced the new policy today during a cabinet meeting he says it is part of his maximum pressure campaign should have happened a long time ago should app and years ago uh in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil north korea already faces a number of sanctions with the president says this new nation allows additional penalties argentina's navy says it is now analysing sounds that could have come from a missing submarine it disappeared last wednesday after reporting an electrical malfunction more than two aden seventy miles out in the south atlantic forty four crew members on board and international rescue effort is now underway including ships and aircraft their work has been hampered by 20foot waves and strong winds charles manson who masterminded gruesome murders abdus angeles nearly half a century ago died sunday night he drove his followers to butchers seven people with knives over two nights in sixty nine among them the pregnant actress sharon tate the crimes horrified the nation manson was ultimately captured and convicted he spent the rest and life in prison charles manson.

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