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Ross sorkin along with Joe Kernan and Melissa Leo again great assume, Melissa, Becky has the day often I think. We're GONNA see her hopefully later this week. The android you hung over and Oh from my Tequila. I actually you know what I don't particularly. We might have a video of it. I don't know if I can get everybody. I'm not hung over, but I did. I did get to enjoy that Tequila and apparently it's famous brand, and now I'm. escaped. Same brand is, but there's lots of people famous center I actually had a conversation with penelope about it, and we both said. There's no way you bought that. Someone sent it to you know I. It was he was giving his gift to. Know what it was and you can't. Melissa was pretty sad. Not that you're not a big drinker, but he was trying to ready to ring the bell ring the Bell. And you need to use a like a spoon or fork or some I don't know. I know I know. I don't have a spoon did use it was a beautiful vessel what? What about the shot? What about the shot that you poured? which was probably worth about twenty bytes, did you? What happened with that I drank it. No I drink later, I drank it on Friday Friday night I drank. It is. Odd Tree. That's awesome. That is you missed? It will say you weren't here for for National Tequila Day. but I thought I saw. I saw every second. Really it was fun. It was fun and people like that, and then they re tweeting and stuff like that anyway. Some reason a little bit of reason to celebrate maybe this morning. If you especially. If you're gold, you know some. Do you remember our Jim Grant Interview Andrew With Jim? Grant on and I. Ask him this hour. Request in about given the Fed. Given this given that given all these things happening. You know in and sectors and stocks, and here and there and I said what be thinking you Redo, and he said buy gold and silver and all I did because I asked him this big long question I barely chuckled because it obviously with central banks. Doing what they're doing that seem like an obvious. People saying you mocked him. You mocked him did not mock. I loved Him Grand I. Agree with everything he says. Anyway I wanted to get on the record of saying that these people when they're looking for a target well, let's whether it's if you say anything about Tesla either longmore short. Either side. Absolutely nuts on you and it's like, don't you? Don't need a target all the time for your stupid trolling twitter hate speech constantly. They're looking for honor assets. Yes sir that's out there. That just evoke that response. Initially. Way Back. When is Tesla for shore? Gold is definitely MODERNA WE'RE GONNA have. That Garner Field Stop. No Way I'M GONNA. Beat Nice Tillman pretend he's. He's like a a an honest guy. No Way I'm just GONNA nail 'em today for it. People go I'm kidding because people go. He seems very reasonable when he talked the science of of. makes a of sense instead of using an attenuated viruses adenoviruses. It works I know they don't have a product yet I know that they've got those stock. Those regular stockdale's understand all that, but why do the test lacquers hate Madonna I mean they're so mad about Tesla. At this point that it's gone. They're short two hundred so I. Don't know of any have any money left? But now they're mad at Madeira and they don't want a vaccine what I mean. They're wacky, but they don't get to me at all. I'm not sensitive anyway. No, no, not at all. But. As Corona, virus cases continue to rise hot spots across the country Madonna Therapeutics is racing to find a vaccine, and as of this weekend it has four hundred seventy two million dollars in government support today marks the launch of Maderna's phase three Cova vaccine study conducted in collaboration with the NIH and the Anti Madeira Develops. Drugs based on what's called. MESSENGER or a these genetic molecules carry instructions from your DNA to other parts of the body to develop certain healthy proteins. The race for a vaccine is moving at an unprecedented pace. There are nearly two hundred candidates development with twenty seven, being tested in humans, the goal getting some kind of. Of FDA nod of approval by next year, although the first vaccine likely won't solve all of our corona virus problems, it's a start and every time markets catch wind of a vaccine approval on the twenty twenty one horizon they respond, which has meant for some Pharma executives big prophets at Madeira Multiple exacts including the CEO you'll hear from in a moment changed their stock. Sale plans this year. Yielding hefty payouts after Cohen, nineteen vaccine trials showed positive results. There are no current allegations of insider trading at Medina, although since news of these stock sales came to light SEC chairman. Jay Clayton joined TV broadcast with a suggestion for companies like modern. I encourage companies to get out there. Disclose where they stand. And limit the amount of sense now it's not possible to limit all touched information. You've got to be negotiations, but limited speculation as to where your company stands. As we move forward and then with respect to things like financing Possible changes in operations, material changes in the way. You do your. Business Practice, good corporate hygiene announce them as soon as you can and before you're able to announce them. Keep that information as tight as possible. The News of Maderna's phase three trial, and it's fresh infusion of government. Cash is a good thing for vaccine hopes, here CNBC senior health and science reporter Meg tyrel kicking off the interview with modern AC- you Stefan Bond Sell Your Joe Andrew and Melissa as well, Stefan, it's great to have you. This is a big day. The first phase three trial in the United States of Covid, nineteen vaccine kicking off. Tell us about the time we should expect here. This is a thirty thousand participant trial. How quickly do you think you can enroll that many participants? And when will we see the data yesterday morning? Magnum who goes back so indeed, so it's a big day. It's A. Free of vaccine in the US. It's a face free of evill aimed so companies feel space free as well so big day. Kemp from. a big team. So what we a planning this to basically recruit Assadi state people see. As, not safeties running in both of us, but we think we should be voting that we've eaten. False seeks eight weeks to get everybody did. And, then he's GonNa. Be a question of infection rates. Unfortunately as out here because of orbiting. In the US in the south in knowing the West. Be Sexually Be Happy Them. Vaccine Development, because it's an event days face free, and so we need enough event of each section in the placebo off to be able to remind with good accuracy. The race, but You modeling. You might see those those enough events to get the data at this point. Correct to. Say October maybe November. No, it's tough to know right now. We're GONNA. Continue to win Utah if you look at their, can you call trout governor mapping sites where we have no almost one hundred clinical, citing the US between people decides, and the NIS sites should allow us to get good coverage show. October is possible it's. Optimistic Scenario could be November again at this stage. It's impossible to know precisely it will just depend on their the the eventually. Be Attack Rate of action. So the goal of this study is prevention of COVID. Nineteen disease and.

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