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Hayden Hearst, Tennessee, Vela discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Mccaffrey exact olson's back in the mix devin funchess's out wide camp should be happy he should be happy that's good stuff here are some cool stats from last night just throwing this out there for the third straight year sec all conference with ten first round picks ninth time a single conference has had at least ten selections in the first round eighth by the of the ten seven from alabama and georgia alabama now extends its streak to ten straight years with first round pick four behind miami who had fourteen straight how crazy the the patriots went back to back georgia bulldog room first overall pick isaiah win and sony michelle who was the the only other first round pick vela check is used in the bella check era on running back laurence maroney at did not end well how to two thousand six so that was an interesting one baltimore had two first round picks at the end of the day evans linebacker out of alabama went to tennessee instead and moved down again and tennessee with the pick that baltimore used got hayden hearst so that's a tight end for joe flacco to try and improve things and keep them arch acts on the sideline yeah you mentioned lamar jackson the first round book ended by heisman trophy winners baker mayfield first overall our jackson thirty second overall third time multiple heisman trophy winning quarterback taken in the same traffic i know that stat off the top of my head because i had it placed in front of me last night.

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