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Time. Don't forget to check out my new podcast conspiracy theories every Wednesday, my co host Molly, an eye investigate complex and controversial events in search of the truth. When I listen to conspiracy theories, I'm shocked at how much I learned about events that I thought I already understood. You can listen to episodes on area fifty one and the mysterious death of Princess Diana right now. Listen to conspiracy theories. Now, Wherever you listen to unsolved murders, poor Visit Park gas dot com slash conspiracy to start listening. That's Park cast P A R C, A S T dot com slash conspiracy to listen. Now. And don't forget to subscribe to unsolved murders on I tunes google play Samcloud Stitcher Spotify or any other podcasts directory. If you like what you here. Please leave a five star review Or tell us what you think on social media. We are on Facebook and Instagram as at par cast in twitter @ Park cast network. It seems simple, but it really helps our show a new episode comes out every Tuesday. Thank you so much for listening. We will see annexed if we lift till next. Unsolved murders true crime stories was created by Max Cutler and developed by Ron Cutler. It is a production of color. Media ends part of the park Hass network. It is produced by Mackson run Cutler sound design by Ron Shapiro in Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Maggie admire Meyer and Carli Madden unsolved murders is written by Erin Thomas and stars Carter, Roy and windy McKenzie. The amazing cast a voice actors includes by alphabetical order. Mike Opposi Kimberly Hall and Harris Markson Nick masseuse Steve Pinto and Greg Poulsen. The new book, a false report tells the true story of a teenage girl who is charged with falsely reporting sexual assault after detectives investigated the details that would lead them to the truth based on investigative files and extensive interviews, a false report unveils, the disturbing reality of House. Sexual assault is investigated today. A false report available. Now.

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