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You're listening to a special edition of the ball. Alert show baller. Podcast is drako sold before we get to talk to us about this blonde hair on back in twenty twenty. This ain't nothing new blowing when i had to do this. Twenty two twenty twenty twenty. Seven hours is look different. That cause long long long nine all that been had. Oh maga okay now right back in february. You had tweeted that you know you wanted to have kids. You said baby mama where you are. You know kids this year because you're not even dating nobody nobody would light. Of course you still give somebody. I'm gonna get somebody crazy tissue show so no saying that we go okay. So what's the standard. What what what are the qualifications for a lady to be drako's baby mom it don't really matter no more. I first i was like i'm fine. I i was like. I need to find the perfect woman. I need to plan the right girl. Now my bro- i am reach. I got everything that we need. I the key. I really don't even need girl like no man like well matt witty. I've been on earth. For how many years i found the right. One like foods over private somewhere low key like no saying then gave up like i just want to have a baby. Now you know. Madame web wanna have home. I don't even kill no more food or nice. Maybe and heidi man if whatever all day is the key task not true. On day good women exists. Great women exists. No two women exist. I'll think drako going five five on the rats were close. I go final out and throw the i ain't around on earth around pins and the but a vixen doesn't necessarily mean she's not a good woman or you know may not be a good mother doesn't mean that usually with their ladies you know you got..

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