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Today's episode is brought to you by Madison raid, you can take coloring your hair at home to the next level with Madison Reed, new deserve gorgeous, professional hick, how Aaron delivered to your door for less than twenty five dollars, and please focus on your personal experience as they have to record full this at I made a mistake many many many years ago when it was like a cool thing to put tips into your hair when it was a good idea to do that. At home, and I basically my scalp. It was the dumbest thing that I've ever done. You know, what if a product like medicine Ray was around should have used it. Because this stuff is just so easy to use. But it's a game changer when it comes to call up because for decades, women, and you. To auctions coloring. They're outdated at home call. What you was too dangerous. You You know, know? the expense of salons on the time I was salon to embarrass. We'll do a salon. But Madison raid clients now comment on how then you heck has improved. Their lives is wonderful. They love the results get gorgeous, shiny multidimensional. It's full dimensional five hair, healthy looking hair and Madison Reed delivers gray covering game changing color, you can do at home and look as if you just kind from the salon. What makes medicine freed? Call unique crafted by Mazda color us who blend nuances of light duck, cool and warm to create a Forty-five gorgeous multi tonal, shades, which is really in the Homebrew look is is really in. So make sure you check it out. You can find your perfect shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. Mr. Chenoweth, listen is actually get ten percents off plus free shipping on the first kit with the code universe. Makes you use the code universe at Madison. Dash Reed dot com. Tech can be useful tool in the outdoors. If you use it, right? That's where biologic comes in the team it via light creates Qiaotou, cook charge and your life outside harnessing the energy around you. They have that award-winning camps. Stove. It's potable wood burning stove that you can use to cook your meals and child yoga, and we have once in in the office. It's really cool..

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