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Are you kidding me on what was your biggest failure? And then let me guess I don't think you're ready on Dexter gove. And I'm smarter than you. Oh, right. So very, very excited that you my dear listener are with me today, a hope you're having an incredible day. And I hope that this makes it even better a very excited for today's program because my feature interview a little later in the program is with Dr Teresa Beasley Dr TB as, as they say, I think, Dr Teresa Beasley is one of the world's leading experts on vision boarding and how that can be used with your business or company. So we'll talk to Theresa a little later on vision boarding for executives. Very, very cool thing that all fortune five hundred executives I'm sure are doing so we will talk to Theresa Beasley a little later in the program. Also for those of you that have been listening for a while, you know, that my chins, Italian restaurant, which is my a partnership restaurant, a restaurant that I've started with my famous actor friend, a partner Rico. Tony cannot wait to open chins, Italian which is opening ferry very soon a delicious Italian food with a spin here in southern California. And so to that end I have my first ad for chins Italian cannot wait for you to sink your ears into this tasty plate of auditory sound. So Tammy a play the ad plays. From the hearts and minds of.

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