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It's it's going to be hard it's always hard to be objective because i know brady does these things regularly he is he's a big supporter solo to young crisp and she could barely talk it was incredible and at that point or i think at that next break we look out every single operate everybody answer in the phones was busy and they were busy it seems to me the rest of the show probably the rest of the day just got everybody hit everybody at right in the heart the best part of his ten will never be associated with federer ever host event which is good that's true in colon donate if you if you like a volunteer answer fall job a great voice but sure he could you know you could do that jimmy fun tell a day on day one i'm sure telling way no has no clue but the highlight was mummy menna hand patricia minute him answer in the fall she was very up and everyone was just blown away chris kirk was like human he actually you know it was very of i should how could so it was nice woman yes sal could suffering doing something like this live there out of this now such a complicated individual right and and you know is moms going through a tough time issues but let's face it is not the toughest thinks you know to deal with yet to raise the site go to poise so main and eventually she's going to catch a break eventually then moms going to catch a break there's just not so living up to ten mom now but yeah actual began this will be at the mts is she had a great time she really looked so happy you get the post the number you know put the book that change the hope bored when the numbers change my said mom for one day you don't have to miss i should do it was a very scary moment yeah that was a first yeah yeah is always complicated what i've what i believe what i'm very complicated mom was there had a great time kirk was human innings you know he was that devils or two or that was there to get a two was a family affair for them in a hanson he was normal it was personal it was personal well torso for you it's personal kirk yeah that's true as personal on that that changes.

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