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And you know the real issue is not necessarily that. They disagree with the medical examiner's findings or even with the conclusion. Police came to the end right there. Point is more like we're telling you this doesn't make sense to us. You're not listening. Instead of trying to understand how unique experience please just kind of assumed it would be like if they were really drunk and were blindfolded something not that holly had lived this full experience of an independent person. Exactly right and really. This was peter's point long was to the police. Like you never took the time to try and understand. Hollies lived experience even when we offered to help you. So they're not saying like a we think she's murdered. They're just saying there's no way we feel. You have gotten to the truth without all of these pieces that you didn't even take the time to understand so anyway. This work begins in the spring of two thousand and fourteen and in july of that year. S p q comes back with their final report. And it's not awesome for halifax police bay. Call out a bunch of things that should have been done better during the investigation. Like how the taxi driver was never formally interrogated. He was actually only interviewed for twenty five minutes on that first day and not even at the police station but literally sitting in his own taxi. And we find out. Officers didn't canvas the neighborhood for potential witnesses until wait for it four months after hall. He's done what's we why that makes no sense to me. And the most important thing for holly's family and friends is that s p q validated their concerns. They agreed that halifax police didn't do enough. They didn't do anything really to try. And understand what it was like to be blind something they would have needed to know as a baseline to investigate hollies debt. Yeah but despite all of this s. p. v. cue's report says that based on the and the information available at the time have come to the same conclusion. The halifax police did that. Holly's was an accident and that while the initial investigation could have been stronger. Could have been more thorough. It wouldn't have changed the outcome. So yes this review is a big moment because it validates what people have been saying all along but it doesn't give anyone answers to the questions that were still lingering after four long years. Maybe holly's death was an accident but what actually happened to her. There is a huge chunk of time missing from the official time. Line on holly's case basically from the time. Her friends put her in. That cameron been night until she was found under the bridge early the next morning. Yeah but again. No one could answer those questions. Four more years has and then in two thousand eighteen accessible media inc starts working with a new private investigator putting together. The documentary series and podcast. That i've been referencing today and it is that work that finally gets us closest we may ever come to really understanding what happened to holly bartlett. This episode was made possible by pill. Pack this is a new way to get prescriptions. Right from amazon. You can now get your medications delivered right to your door and it's easier than ever so listen all you have to do is have your doctor's office send your next prescription straight to amazon pharmacy. That's it amazon. Pharmacy works with most insurance plans nationwide. But if you're an amazon prime member you actually get free two day delivery and you can save on prescription medication. When paying without insurance again amazon prime members can save on prescription medication when not using insurance and get free. Two day delivery learn more at amazon dot com slash. Crime junkie are ex. That's amazon dot com slash crime junkie rx time amazon dot com slash crime junkie rx in the summer of two thousand eighteen. A private investigator named tom. Martin picks up holly's case where brian. Parsons left off back in two thousand ten. Tom's a former halifax homicide detective season and well respected. And he's working with holly's friend. Peter and investigative journalist maggie rar on the documentary series about the case. So tom starts digging into the case interviewing people looking at the police records and brian's notes and going back to the scene where holly was found. Now we've talked a lot about the walk. Holly is said to have taken from her condo building down to underneath that bridge but the other heart of the police's theory hinges on hawley crawling up one of those enormous concrete abutment on her hands and knees trying to get back to the main road. They think she's like thinking it some kind of walking trail and that she gets the end falls like twenty feet onto the frozen ground like a get. Their whole theory is based off this chain of events right so they actually go up onto one of these. abutment tom. Along with peter and maggie and right away just based on the angle of this thing. they're like there's zero way. holly mistook this for a walking trail. One of the things. Thomas sang is if she crawled up this thing on her hands and knees. We should see evidence of that on clothes and boots like it'd be really hard to just like walk up. Normally it's it's so angled specially if you're drunk. She had to have crawled. So you'd expect to see rips or phrase or even concrete dust on the needs of her jeans and scuff marks on the toes of her boots and that would be in addition to the rips and tears. That probably would have happened to her clothes from going through one of those small holes in the fence because this is a barbed wire fence now. There are rips in her pants. One on the back between the pockets one just below her left knee along with dirk on the seat of her pants and on the front her boots are scuffed too. But not in the way you would think that they would be if someone was climbing. It's more like regular wear and tear so no real evidence that holly had crawled up there on her hands on knees. Not really no with the rips and dirt on her jeans seemed consistent with a fall and thomaz may be more than one fall great. But that's more or less what the police are saying to you know. She fell once up by her condo building. And then again from the abutment so yes. That's what police are saying. And tom saying there's more than one fall. But here's where things get a little wonky. Because falling twenty feet off that enormous concrete cable abutment shoe would have done a heck of a lot of damage to her body and again. It's not that holly's injuries weren't severe. I mean she had to fractures in her left leg one in her right. She had a considerable amount of bruising especially on her knees her buttocks in one of her arms and she had blunt force trauma injuries to her face her mouth in particular according to the what happened to holly bartlett podcast. That was the most obvious and most severe polly's injuries her mouth and her face. She was hordley recognizable because of the swelling and bruising. So i get the bruises and fractures when it comes to a fall but the emmy think that.

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