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Loss of Brazilian singer and composer is wrong you better tell a Pisa Ben Thomas reports he's considered one of the fathers of the bossa Nova genre you may struggle with his name but you know this be who a singer songwriter and guitarist Jones you'll bear to over the head of the Brazilian musicians who pioneered possono morning by Brazil you'll bear toe moved to Rio de Janeiro at a young age and taught himself when he picked up the guitar for the first time at age fourteen and this town inspired a generation of Brazilian musicians including Gilberto she'll Schickel parquet and cut down on the Los his son says she'll Berto dine in Rio over the weekend after battling a variety of health issues he was eighty eight I'm Brian Tong the commander of the Swiss air force's aerial display team has apologized because the jets made a low altitude pass over the wrong town residents of Langan Brooke we're expecting to see Switzerland's aerial teams will buy to mark the centenary of the death of a local aviation pioneer Oscar biter but they were nowhere to be seen the team instead flew over nearby moonless real Switzerland's defense ministry says the pilots hadn't practiced the maneuver and they were distracted by a helicopter that wasn't authorized to be in the area the ministry says the team leader spotted what he thought was a tent for the Langer Brooks celebration but it turned out to be for a yodeling festival in moon let's fill the ministry says the F. five E. tiger two jets are not equipped with GPS devices I'm flattering statements from Britain's ambassador in Washington about the trump administration leaked over the weekend and as they please at Charles de Ledesma reports and set off an alarm in the British government legal diplomatic cables from Britain's ambassador in Washington keep a dairy had branded the president's administration dysfunctional and inept British officials were rattled by the publication of Derek's unflattering assessment but more along the sensitive confidential information had gone on to possibly for political ends the leaking Barris's outgoing prime minister Theresa may who sometimes clash with from off to Derek's assessments were published in the mail on Sunday newspaper trump said the ambassador will not serve the U. K. well I can tell you that he said we are not fans of that man Charles so that's not going to the Attorney General ponders the citizenship question I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP news minute Attorney General William Barr tells the Associated Press he and president trump have been looking at a path to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty cents I think over the next day.

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