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Didn't see anywhere other than my grandmother's living room, and and I thought Gosh, if I could switch gears and play the harp it. Would you know there's not a lot of competition? You could be the best harpist because there are bright. There probably weren't that many around you. And everything sounds beautiful on the harp. When even when you mess up, it's pretty. Yeah by the way is a you know a fifth grader sixth grader. How did you carry the harp to on wheels? it has a Dolly and you learn how to handle it. It's not so much that it's heavy as that it has so many moving parts, but you're not bringing the heart onto the school bus, no, no, and in fact I played at home, and then for the talent shows. Of course I'd show up, but it wasn't really until high school that I began getting really excited about the harp because I saw it more as A. A business and the I the idea of creating a business around holly, the Harpist was exciting to me. Why wait so you? As you sort of got better at the harp? You Thought Hey, this could be my business like you're thinking this. In High School. I was I was actually already working on the weekends and every Sunday for Brunch local country club like in the dining room. You would just be in the corner playing the harp. Be Holly the Harpist, the harvest and I kind of set my price, because there wasn't a lot of competition, so a really started out playing for one hundred dollars an hour, which was a lot when you're in ninth grade. Wow, all right, so you are. Holly, the harpist playing harp am for money, which is awesome and and you decide to go to school at Louisiana State University, which is not that far from from where you live. I guess. And what did you? Did you study music there? Yes I did so I was never really that great of a student I I spent those first two years in college studying music. I totally did not fit in with anyone in the music school. I realized how serious the musicians were in college, and I was more interested in doing what I was already doing. Wish was performing and playing and I was at the time. You know still getting jobs in new. Orleans at the Museum of art and I played a little backup for Aretha Franklin when she came through. And what a what what whow? What did you? What did you play with Franklin Amazing Grace Wow, that's i. mean if there ever is a song to play. Play with Aretha Franklin. You run the hard man that's amazing and look. It makes me sound like I. was this Great Harpist? But like I was so winging it. I had no idea but I knew I couldn't say. No and I had no business I. Literally had to break down every measure and that reading music type student you know, but you keep in mind like I enjoyed the business of holly the Harpist way more than I enjoyed playing the harp, so if you I mean if you didn't enjoy playing the harp that much. Like. What did you decide that you want do professionally? So I had also grown up because I think I'm so such an organized person, and I love pencils and supplies and things. I grew up thinking that being a teacher would be really fun and I often even when my little brother we get home from school and you know, keep in mind. He was seven years younger than I was. I would sort of start. Start a new session in his room and get worksheets for him and pass out my sheets, and and so I thought well, maybe I should. Maybe I should be a teacher and I guess that's what you did. I read that you. You went onto to study education and got your first teaching job. I think in in Baton Rouge that is right. It was so there was a private episcopal school in Baton Rouge, that was actually I, later learned was quite difficult to get a job there as a first year out of college, and how was it? It was fantastic, so I had a wonderful year. I poured my heart into doing. Everything that I had learned in college. I also kind of looking back now I think I, poured my heart into outdoing every other teacher in the school, and kept my eye on trying to impress the the board that had given me the opportunity to be there, but. I loved every second of it. I am in fact I? Still talk to those seventeen students many of them. Today. But from what I've read, you only will only a teacher for a year I. Mean You have this in? Promising career. What why aren't you a teacher today? What happened? Yeah so? You know the end of the school. Year came when contracts are placed in the teachers, boxes and I didn't receive one and. And the school said they were not offering me a return contract, and I later learned as a first year teacher. You're considered provisional. And they said you know. This was due to problems and concerns that were were brought up from. Teachers and not really fitting in well. What does that mean? Exactly I. I didn't know either I did a lot of exploration at that moment, but I was devastated. Yeah, you know had gone to college to to third grade schoolteacher, and and here my career was seemingly ending very quickly. And then you Denver got any more specific feedback. Like what was it that you did or not do or? I did I did and I learned you know I was SORTA breaking rules? I wasn't eating lunch with other teachers I wasn't hanging out in the teachers lounge, talking and connecting and and I I was being completely honest with myself I did feel a little claustrophobic within the four walls of a classroom and they were in a way. Right did constantly look for ways to sort of leave campus early or I'd say I had a hard job and and double book myself and you know it there was. That wasn't in the cards for me and yeah, but you know after a couple of months of exploring these these things I just decided I'm GonNa move on. It is amazing though that setbacks can actually be a blessing that you don't. You don't realize the time right like Hugh. Had you had this amazing year and renewed your contract and you stayed there. You might not have ever done what you did. Absolutely I'm so grateful that. Played out like it did because I don't.

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