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She wanted to be this hard hitting safety. But you also can't do some of the stuff they could do in some of these videos. What is what is it like when you watch those videos and you see some of those hits and she data what. I grew up watching right. You know what i mean. So that's what. I tried to emulate. I tried to do those things while i was in pop warner while was in high school. Whatever the case is. I was doing those things and so when i get to the league i did have to not necessarily just mark gain but just have to make the proper techniques. I had to get better at being fundamentally sound while tackle tackle right so when i do have my mom my strikes when i do when i do wanna take those big hits. Should you say you have to just lower your center of gravity and keep your head up and you get hit him in the head but where the game is more right now. It's is really ticky tack and you know is hard man. I will say you know for for being a guy in aggressive guy always trying set the tone no matter what. It is a tough. It's tough way to play the game because majority of time as defenders were garden ourselves with regard. Were we're doing something out of the ordinary when we are tackling. We just to avoid someone's helmet made so that's up mark because you're putting yourself at risk but not only that you don't wanna get a fine or you don't wanna get tossed out the game. God forbid so. You're you're when you're out of really lose lose situation with that so you just gotta be fundamentally sound in. I think that's what i pride myself on. Man is just the fundamentals and techniques staying consistent at debt in everyday life to. That's what it's about that's was about when it comes to being great or when it comes to being success i do feel like they should review some of these hits sometimes because sometimes the defender will get call for the helmet to helmet and they show the replay and at the last second the guy the ball dips his head or goes down as the person's already launched the defender. Then it's idaho's album even saw it on the sorenson play. When he saved the touchdown against the browns and higgins fumbled the ball bounce into the end zone and then they review. And it's like. Oh my god that was helmet helmet. I'm like was it like. He's just trying to stop a touchdown. He threw his body toward the. I don't think there was any deliberate intent at all. And i don't really know the line where the lines are with some of this stuff but they trust me. I watched football eleven hours every sunday. They have a lot of trouble regulating where those lines are. I'm sure it's confusing for you. Taste is tough man in the in his frustration at times especially when it's in a big gain or crucial moment right and you you get hit with a light flag and you're just trying to make a play on the ball or whatever the case may be and then boom you to switch to whole game. The whole momentum went from the seattle seahawks two degree. bay packers. You know what i mean or web. Whoever we're playing so it's tough man. It's office elite. But as defenders we know that and we just have to adjust and get better at our game and that's what makes his this game of football debt much more special. You know what. I'm saying that her within that hurt you because one of the things that you're really great at is when you get sneaky and you come up the line all of a sudden you're chasing the quarterback especially if it's from the blind side you're going at the at the qb but there's rules with how you can even approach the qb like you can't you can't launch. If he got rid of the ball split second you have somehow hold off as you're going full speed Ye in the back of your mind. You're like i want a sack this guy but if you're plan thirty years ago your leg i'm taking this guy down. This is a free shot. Now it's a little different. So how do you handle that. Yes definitely man. I think that when. I am approaching quarterbacks or whoever i'm all about the ball i'm trying to get the ball. If anything right get the ball out. You still get the sack plus the fumble right macy. Great so no matter. He's on the ground or not is still be a set so why not get the ball. Why not get the extra sprinkle on the on ice on ice cream co automate. So that's how i look at it like go get the ball. Go get the football but you know. Obviously the rules is frustrating. But i i really feel for myself now could have played in any era and you know. I'm i'm thankful for where i am now but i would love to play back in the early two thousands of the late two thousand. Oh man that that was. That was when football was top here. Well the first year nineteen seventy five was the first year. I really got an football and watched everything the patriots were on the way up all the stuff and they had the super bowl. And it was. The raiders against the vikings is seventy five six remembered. Sammy way win over the middle and tatum demolished him and elect demolished him. But somehow same who had held on the ball and it was like the most vicious hit in the history of the super bowl and it was recently recirculating on twitter. And i was thinking like if that happened now at feel like the world would have a heart attack and like routine right though the rule back then was if the wide receiver tight end over the middle. You're going down. Don't go over the middle of this dead. That territory belongs to the safeties. And that's why. I feel like the passing has gone nuts the last fifteen years because these guys aren't afraid to go over the middle anymore. So how do you intimidate them with really not allowed to hit them that does sound to savage but you have to make them fear it a little bit right and you. You made a hell of a point man i. It's it's tough but for me. It's all about presence. Your presence alone is going to speak volumes. So whoever you're playing. They know they have to worry about. Where thirty. three's then no. They have to five thirty three every single play or he can each and he could change the game. so is is. is it hard. But it's not. You know what i mean and and you just gotta stay. You gotta stay focused on what you have to do. You can't get caught up in what that person's you know. Take it about you. Whatever the case may be you just have to make your presence because everybody's watching film. They see it on film when you may you can still make big hits to where you make somebody say. Oh i'm not going. i'm not. I'm not messing with him on me. I'm not coming across the middle but to your point it is tough. That is a big difference. Because that's why there's a lot of passing yards. That's why you see a lot of more touchdowns than than usual in automation. Because we can't really put our hands on these defenders in really make those impactful football hints like really want to but at the same time you can adjust in still make that similar impact or if not close to automate yet. Because under the old rules kelsey who jisk- especially because they spread him out and they gave him so much space over the middle row and the old rules. The the move would have been all right every time he just go. Just go day kit so afraid. Now he's not afraid and he's he's a lot of times one on one and he can make little one little spin move..

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