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UPDATE with Tom Cutler. The Seahawks continued to work toward their season opener a week from Sunday in Atlanta. They'll be back on the on the field at the V. Mac and rented today and need to trim their roster down to 53 players by the NFL mandated Saturday. 1 P.m. deadline. Mariners with an unexpected three days off to do a member of Oakland's traveling party testing positive for covert 19. They welcome some of the new faces yesterday they acquired in a trade earlier this week with the Padres included in that group Infielder Tie France, who figures to see playing time right away. He's glad barriers GM Jerry Dipoto had been interested in trading for him how the last couple of years he has said he's been trying to get me over here in You know, to feel wanted like that is pretty cool. You know for him to tell me I'm gonna come in and be in the lineup right away and hopefully make an impact. That was huge for me and definitely helps make the transition easier. The ballclub returns to action of all night hosting the Rangers for the first of four. Sounders and the really Salt Lake team playing to a two to draw last night in Salt Lake City, and the sound is now 30 and won over the last four games. The Seattle Storm despite a four for 17 shooting performance for Briana Stewart, Out of 71 64 win over the Washington Mystics in Bradenton, Florida Sue Bird return to the lineup after missing the last four games due to a knee injury and Brooklyn Nets are hiring Hall of Famer Steve Nash as their new coach. Sports attended £40 each hour. Tom other companies come on his time, 8 12. The police in Louisville are preparing for possible large crowds of protesters outside Churchill Downs at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Here's Mayor Greg Fischer. Unlawful protests will not be allowed if people are blocking traffic or creating dangerous conditions on roadways or trespassing. On private property against the wishes of the property owner on the police will sight and or arrest them. The Kentucky National Guard usually provides on track security, and they'll assist officers with traffic control and any incidents that may happen around the outside protesters with opposing viewpoints will be funneled into different areas to avoid confrontations. This year. No Spectators are allowed at the Kentucky Derby Demonstrators are expected to be outside the track gun sales continue the surge in the Seattle area in response to civil unrest and riots, and that's raising questions about your right to defend your home or business more from Kemal's Jonathan chose Dave Workman is editor in chief of gun mac dot com and is concerned about owners of firearms who don't understand what they can and cannot do legally well. They could wanted being charged with a crime if they just decide to take the law into their own hands. Whether at home in a business or on the street. The state statute says gun owners are allowed to shoot someone in self defence if there's an imminent threat, But Workman says there are also some exceptions. Even in a situation where you've got a riot in your neighborhood. You can't go out in the street and just decide to become a wall several years ago in a case legal experts say, went beyond self defence. A jury convicted a Washington man for second degree murder after a fatally shot another man showering on his property. He had the time to call 911 and get the police to respond. Jonathan show come on in several months into the pandemic. Nurses across the country say there's still Experiencing a shortage of personal protective equipment and hospitals. Dr. Ernest Grant heads the American Nurses Association, and he says conditions still are far from optimal. They're having to reuse what was initially designed. It's a single use pp. And of course, it does create a very unsafe work environment you because they're afraid of cross contamination and also the possibility of taking this fire is home to their family says the nurses air dedicated and they want to continue doing their jobs. They just want to be protected so they can stay safe and keep their families safe is well. Hello, news time. 8 14 back to Kira Jordan for a coma. Traffic.

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