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Of june and get ready to roll into the fourth of july week most of the country's going to be very very summer like cities expect at least one day of ninety plus degree temperatures or more this weekend stretching from atlanta to charlotte north carolina all the way up into chicago from dallas to denver from las vegas to kansas city minneapolis to nashville you get the trend there yet much of the the southern reaches of the country all going to be very summer like then you add in the humidity it's gonna feel like more than one hundred degrees over much of the south much of the mississippi valley the lower plains of course the desert's of the south west so there you go Summertime. It's that's the time of year when things tend to heat up right? now in the northeast there are a few locations of may see shower thunderstorm pop up over the weekend couldn't be looking at some of our major league games boston new york city milwaukee detroit chicago might run the risk of a shower or thunderstorm could see some delays to some of our games over the weekend but well there you go So we get back to the calls, the acuity hearing centers dot com listener line just ahead as we roll into Thursday. It's eight eight eight eight six zero eighty seven eighty five on America's trucking network. taste the legendary.

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