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And he's achieved fellowship certification for stem cell therapy. Dr. Kala pays office number in Long Island is 5167940404. We will repeat that number throughout the show. Now, here's Dr Christopher Caliph, a welcome friends and thank you for tuning in to the optimal health program. Hope you're all doing Well, as you know what today we're gonna talk about a variety of different medical topics. We'll talk about the importance of nutrition learning about your body testing your blood. We'll look at some great studies cover Ah, lot of ground. Of course we'll take your calls here. 1 808 for eight W A B C 108 for 89222. And we'll chat. Some of the articles will talk about Described the importance of omega three fatty acids. Utilizing them help to lower the risk for sudden cardiac death. According to a very highly ranked procedures Journal, The American Journal Clinical Nutrition. And this is a longitude a review of 91,000 women. So for people that want to take vitamins they want to test provided wins. Want to have recommendations made based on that test? Yes, we do recommend using the Omega threes. This is a terrific study talking about a 91,000. Woman Study Age 30 40 59 Years over 30 Years of 30 years study They showed low risk of sudden cardiac death, of course, sudden cardiac death. Occurs because of a clock in almost old cases. And maybe some of those cases also with me irregular heartbeat, but the irregular heartbeat can also create The clock. You know some turbulent flow of the blood. So utilizing the EPA officials convened creased that clock. You know, percentage so very important to keep the nutrients onboard that can decrease progression. Toe mortality on of course, you know sudden cardiac death, so When we talk about using nutrients like the Omega Threes, we look at fiber engine we looked at inflammatory markers. C reactive protein, the plotting of your blood. We look at blood count. Some men who take too much testosterone on their own. And don't do it with the doctor will have a higher red blood cell hidden global dramatic rate. Those people have high homocysteine fiber engine. C reactive protein. May have issues that increase their risk of clotting. So are the people who have heavy metals on board. So you want to take a look at all of these things and make sure you have them in the right range and you're not progressing towards Having more of a problem than reversing that process and getting back to being healthy. Once again phone lines are open. 1 808 for eight w A B c 1 808 for 89222. If you'd like to call in to ask a question you could do so now. I will also take a look at some of the other great studies. Here talking about neural protection, You know, important for your spinal cord. Um So Nutrients that help with that certainly includes Sir Cumin and D H a So If you take a look at The literature on Sir Cumin and D H A. Of course you'll see. Variety of studies that talk about decreasing the inflammatory mechanism on this is published in journals, neurosurgery and spine diseases. So they're looking at Sir Cumin as an anti inflammatory. Dhe ate his name time inflammatory antioxidant, and they say that it protects some of the components of your nerves and the nerve sheet so Again important to consider using some of these things. In your dietary planning a regiment. But of course, as I say, you want to test to make sure that your core vitamins are in the right range. So very important to make sure that all the vitamins Jeff requirement for Are there. Once again phone lines are open. Let's go toe 1 808 48 w A. B C 1 808 for eight. W A B C 108 for 89222, If you like to call an task in question. We're trying Tosun on the air right now. Acupuncture may be effective for some people that have serious depression. Of course, patients that I see. We try to use everything we can. That are those things that are appropriate. To be able to correct hormone decline. Correct fluctuations of blood sugar. A variety of different things. So if we look at depression, yes, we can use acupuncture as a net on therapy. But of course we need to look at the The hormone levels in the vitamins and minerals. Okay, Phone lines are open. Let's go. Andrew in New Jersey. How are you? Good evening, Doctor. Thank you for taking my call. Giving Uh, I've had irritable bowel syndrome for about 25 years. I've had all the tests. Cat scans, MRI's bury an anima. Is there anything That you could advise are sure and usually irritable bowel disorders overwhelmingly correlated with food allergy, so traditional medicine does not look at that test for that. But we've seen this happen in the overwhelming majority of cases that people would have Belle related disorders. Anything under irritable bowel heading. Kaleidoscope owns GERD Reflux disease. If we test for allergies, skin tests and take those foods out of your diet, you start to see that inflammatory mechanism either come down dramatically or go away completely. It's very rare for irritable about to be coming from a major tumor. Usually major size tumors will cause bleeding and blood in the stool, etcetera, But overwhelmingly lot of the irritable bowel disorders are caused by a delayed reaction of food. You eat something today and you don't have an immediate reaction, like the lips are swelling or you're feeling horrible. So you intend to eat that food with some frequency? You don't know that it's taking days or weeks to create that information. Doctor would be any type of stem cell treatment to help you I can be. We've used themselves for quietest and crones. A variety of the Severe did generous orders..

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