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Meantime police are looking for a man named Brandon Johnson and two others who are considered persons of interest in the shooting of a three year old girl last night on the city's east side and the girl is expected to survive coming up after traffic and weather a pay boost a foursome DPSCD teachers I mean great Kelly the W. J. news time just ahead of eleven oh wait it is time for us to check traffic and weather together we do this every ten minutes on the aids from the idol dom motor group traffic center brought to you this our biology of Rochester hills checking your Tripoli jam cams and no major problems in metro Detroit as you make your way this evening crashes or incidents to to tell you about but we are looking at movie work crew out there you're gonna run into a moving work crew on eastbound M. fifty nine from to Quinn there to love Van **** that left shoulder will be closed does that work crew moves through the area also ahead sap this evening the Detroit Windsor tunnel now closed until five AM in the morning there also a reminder in Harrison township Jefferson Avenue both ways between ninety four and the Sinclair shores city limits you have one lane open through August looking through the triple a jam cams in the idle down motor group twenty four hour traffic center we're going to find ourselves in a dryer weather pattern for the next several days will have patchy clouds overnight tonight a low down to fifty one periods of clouds and sunshine for tomorrow high of sixty seven there will be more clouds moving in for tomorrow.

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