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The was a horse have you heard anything worked there that would be a great story go ahead rich uh i'm familiar with that marker i i it may be the only person that i've heard actually story of encountering the spirit of course um the ghost of animal for actually more common than we would believes um they sure hail of yeah go of ghost dog cat and going home and even uh there's there's a hotel and energy their claim for the ghosts of course um call the walk more cook hill and yeah go west route out of gettysburg actually a big logistics route uh running between uh the union army and gettysburg in fact i believe cash town were there a lot of a general ap air was stationed troops where from gettysburg on i thirty i think it is um so yeah i mean i had not heard of anyone running into the ghosts of the horse but yeah getting it to the spirit of animal go happened more than you would think and that's quite an interesting experience a lot of people who have a loved cat or dog dennis passed on we'll see pawprints or something like that on their bed you know it and you could see the invitations as if the animal still there absolutely and sometimes even kill them like a warm spotlight and we're sitting there joe in the bronx welcome to the show joseph go hey judge hey why good joey good yeah i want up this rich now after gettysburg what is the next smiles on the battlefield over civil war and is it shilo i would say would be their shilo or spots of ya um shilo has a lot of you know areas of as i mentioned earlier such as bloody on um there's also an orchard feel that's very well know they they call it the hornet's nest um were there just they said so many bullets were flying through the air that they found the like hornets funding uh and of course there's the story the drama buoyed pop lavinia is also wellknown for about five or six different.

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