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In midtown direct rail service being diverted over to Hoboken terminal all that due to Amtrak overhead wire issues near Penn station New York New Jersey transit rails tickets and passes are being cross honored by the path lines of Newark Penn Hoboken and thirty third street NJ transit bus and private carriers westbound delays getting bigger over the cross Bronx expressway got plenty of construction under the apartments on both decks it's going to cause you at least AV thirty five to forty minute delay if you're headed out towards New Jersey got roadwork delays on the band waking queens north bound into the westbound brands of Grand Central parkway it's over by the Q. gardens interchange there's always see all long island's big three L. I. E. northern state southern state parkways are moving well watch for crash on the beach we in Brooklyn Brooklyn down by begin this Boulevard the delays there from the L. E. all the way down to metropolitan Avenue when you got roadwork delays New Jersey on route three east bound from the metal lands at the Paterson plank road here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels are found fifteen a street bridge lower deck closed overnight the George Washington bridge itself moving well I'm to Jersey once you get there the big delays getting past the apartments Lincoln and Holland tunnels also in good shape traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones breaking alerts whenever they happen I'm Elliott Kaufman on ten ten wins wins news tiny eleven oh three we were expecting results from the Iowa caucuses by now we don't have any let's go live to des Moines and correspondent Steve caster bomb Steve is it because they change the way they they count this year or do we now well the reason they're using a different system or they were using a different system something to do with a nap that was of being used to report the results in the different precincts the different districts rather more than sixteen hundred caucus sites across the state they still in the Democratic Party system here have not given us any official explanation regarding specifics is what's caused the delay all they have said is they are doing quality control so you now have several campaigns concerned about what's going on now and what this will say about the results and how they'll be received we are now getting these results later than any of the other previous caucuses in recent history here in Iowa so there is a lot of concern especially in the biting camp it would use camp and in the Warren camp Steve do we know are they still going to release some corn called and waves in terms of the first alignment and the final alignment are we gonna get him the final numbers are we really don't know at this point we don't know at this point it did this point they they certainly should know at the individual caucus level what those final results are and they would have transmitted them to the party so the information is definitely being transferred to the party at this point we just don't know why it's not getting back out to the public right now correspondent Steve casting down live from des Moines wins news time eleven oh four three people here in the city are being tested for the corona virus one is hospitalized in Manhattan the other two hospitalized in queens CDC officials say there are eleven confirmed cases in the United States at this point today the CDC says it is expecting there will be more person to person cases of corona virus in the U. S. based on the explosive outbreak in China in the U. S. so far there have been two cases a person to person transmission one in Illinois in one in California the CDC says there will likely be more correspondent Alex stone the first person in the U. S. who became infected with a virus has left the hospital in Washington state the death toll in China has risen to four hundred twenty five with more than twenty thousand confirmed cases an oral surgeon in New Jersey has had his license suspended state officials according to NJ dot com said Dr John veci on who practice in Morris County failed to follow infection protocols fifteen patients.

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