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I i just and so when i've had times where i just couldn't contain it and it was non-stop i love it. I love it. Did the guy beat her up. No they like somebody was there like intervened but she just a guy that was djing. Tim beat out. It's looked at her and was hoping i'd see you today. And she knew in that it was him and i laughed. I laughed. Oh my god. Yeah who wants to beat up bugs bunny. I know that's the other part. What's the story elmer for. What's the story but see. They might happy. That's a comic civilian. Goes wild a comic goes. I need to know why how many times you've been driving and you go. I'm not the person in the left. Turn lane who decided they had to take a right. And when across three. And i don't even want other people wanna punch them. I want to get out with you. You tell me what happened like in your brain walked me through every says if it's just the fact you trust your fellow man that much. I'm an of you off. I'm in awe view. I just need to know how word in your head. That's right that's all i need and i'm not gonna y'all you want to bang on your window and i'm not even that i'm gonna die in an accident eventually anyway. I don't need. I don't need to enforce this. I just need to know that you thought this'll work. So but that's your thing right then all you wanted to know why why bugs yes is it because he dressed up like a girl and that confused you sexually and he kind of wanted me matt. You're mad you're mad at you. One of my he made me gay for bunnies. Don't do this to me. Gabonese do this go to six flags goodwill hunting. I'm the guy and you're confronting. Don't do this to me. is that why do reveal. Don't skirt don't do this. I can't get what's a little bit lower. don't think oh my god give me that carrot And then you fuck him. What donnelly with it. Whatever you whatever antics it is whatever you want. Someone beats me across the finish line. Is that what. You're gonna say this when i beat you bill murray. Doesn't it feel good. It makes you feel alive. Would you be bag. I think i said it just remembering it fondly four times this is it makes you feel alive. It makes me feel like look man. The bad feeling it sandra bullock floating through space we talked about it connected to nothing in the movie gravity. The good feeling is sandra bullock. Going through space connected to nothing. She looks to her left. There's another person going ever noticed these suits if you for no like you smell it but it smells more like the suit than the fort. But it's like the fort kind of project the smell of the suit and then you start laughing and next thing you know you forget that you're floating in infinity but you know you're she did that people hear this when they listen to pendatun shit or so. No they'll hear this. We talked about someone when i watched gravity and she took her suit off and i was like how she didn't shit her. Oh my god she pants too. He just works out even on. Terry you shit so hard. They went down right hundred naked now. Yeah reynolds and you have one ripped pair of shit filled panties on your foot and you who cares your life. Only one i would. She takes off and she looks great right at least be drenched in a hundred percent. Who took all the time to make sure. The satellites looked right but didn't drench that woman. S the only. It's can handle it. Oh that movie the walkout if she covered suit. That's all that was sagging with leg. Light brown hunch punch now. Have you punched know movies. It's like i've seen and i'm like that. They're that person's going to the hospital. There's no but we make people take a punch is fine. Who's we can't really show. You can't show the audience. She comes out of that. It's vomit every thought. Right outta my head is like in movies. People be punching. And i'm like right on the bone that's easy to break. That's what i'm saying. Yes any punch any. Kick your not your spitting. trust me. no. You're i have a bit about this in movies whenever you get stabbed or shot. They're always like they're shocked. What would you do not doing that. You're on the ground dying nine hundred seventeen great moving. But it's that you're just done you're done and we know what the fuck is your problem. Richard you've i'm dying man and screen imparted. Oh that her little angel but like lil angel but what we were saying we were saying but we were saying laughing as hard as you can fucking with carrot built. You beat me to it like it. When you europe floating and grabs there it is look at you fucking index. I'll i'll be nominated for. We were about this pen pals people listen to your episode airs. I don't know when this heritz don't you love that part of the want. There was this drop but Whatever it is still listen to yours if they haven't already and we talked about people losing their partner and you brought up gravity..

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