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The feio all come to the hundred dollar mba show business podcasts that helps you sharpen your business skills every single day with daily 10minute business lessons four the real world um your host your coach your teacher omar's and home almost all the cofounder of the 100dollar mba a complete business training and community online over at one zero zero nba dot net if you have a business idea that's keeping you up at night your first step is to make sure people want where you're about to self this process as cold idea validation and it's something that will really good at 100 arm ba it's one of our most popular courses and were offering it to you for free it's this have apart video course and work book the you can get over at one zero zero m b a dot net in today's lesson you will learn how to create a successful version one of a product when you're launching a new product in your business whether you have an ecommerce sort whether you're selling an eu book with your selling of course whether you're selling a software getting it out in the world with version one is so important but it's also very critical you wanna make sure you do the right thing so you get the momentum you get the success you need to keep moving forward keep continuing with this product idea that means creating a product that people want then we'll by and this requires a balance a lot of people spent a lot of time planning their product tinkering away and delaying the launch of that product if you don't know appeal really want or are willing to buy into apps you put it out in the world so we're gonna be talking about this process had a set yourself up for success hata have a plan of action to get that product alma world version one number it's the first version though we many others but we want to make sure it's a successful as possible and that we create something that we can build upon three on a lot to cover so let's get into it let's get down to business.

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